Serveradmin broken

(ASD) #1


the adminmenu to kick players is broken. i can see not all players only 6 out of 16!!

and why is there no [F8] as spectator?


(Mustang) #2

It’s a known bug, doesn’t help you much though sadly.

(Smooth) #3

@ASD you can press +/- to cycle through pages of player names – the text saying this is missing but the functionality is still there.

(ASD) #4

I’ll give this a try

(ASD) #5

Hi again,

a nother thing which is not working good
if a player is spec he is not showing up in the kick/ban list (also with +/- not)
you first need to put the player into on team to be able to kick/ban it

and yes… the +/- stuff works also if there is no hint displayed about the hidden 2nd page


(ASD) #6

this is urgently needed

(ASD) #7


bans are not realy bans they are only kicks for the round. after next stopwatch round all bans are gone they are not permanent!

i think this would be ok for kicks… i also dont like that a kicked player can rejoin 3 seconds after kick… a kicked player should have some thime to think about the kick reason…
but banned players should be banned until the admin lifts the ban


(Stokes) #8

How are those private servers working out now?

(ASD) #9

since ~one week / 10days much better…
expct the above handycap