Server Filters are your Friend

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Was requested to post this in a separate thread, by user @Samniss_Arandeen . Not sure if this belongs in general chat, if not maybe a mod could move it… cleaned and beefed it up slightly.

For those of you out there who don’t like to take risks using the quick join option in Dirty Bomb, or just generally like to have more control over the server browser I present to you this list of handy filters you can use, some may know this, others might not. However this list may not be complete, these are only what I have found by playing around, if you have some extra filters please post them here and i will mention you/add them to the list.

First off make sure you toggle the filter bar in the server browser menu

Things you can filter by, that aren’t already an option using the checkboxes next to the filter bar
You can use - to remove listings based on the following or + to add things based on the following

Filter by

  • Region
  • Game Size
  • Map
  • Servers Based on Level

Region Filters: (Use - to remove the regions you don’t want to play in)

  • EU
  • RUS
  • AUS
  • ASIA
  • US
  • South AM

Game Size: (only use + to find gamesize you are after)

  • +6vs6
  • +7vs7
  • +8vs8

Map (I use this primarily for lobby as I dont always want to be thrown into a game that is just about to finish)

  • Overground
  • Underground
  • Dome
  • Terminal
  • Market
  • Chapel
  • Trainyard
  • Bridge
  • Lobby

Min/Max Level Servers (+Max to Find Level 5 and below servers, +Min + Level +10 to find Min Level 10 Servers)

  • +Max
  • +Min +Level +10

So for example my filters are setup like this

EU -max +lobby +6vs6 -South AM -AUS -ASIA -US -RUS

EU so I only find EU Servers, Since I am in…EU

-max to filter out Level 5 Servers which I can no longer join

+lobby so i can find games that have not started yet (although you can join and be thrown into a game and not be able to switch your mercs out if you like to do that based on what map you play so be prepared)

+6vs6 to find 6v6

-South AM -AUS -ASIA -US -RUS to filter out the other regions I do not wish to play in

But you can mix and match things around to your liking, hope you found this helpful, and if you have anymore you would care to share like a veritable care bear then post them here and I will add them to the list.

EDIT : You can just use +EU (or whatever region you want to play in) to filter out every other region, for some reason this did not work when I wrote this guide, but it seems to work now, I have left the original intact as it shows an examples of what filter does what for explanation purposes.

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Awesome, thanks for sharing <3

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No problem-o neighborino.

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Added a simpler method at the bottom of the guide which was not working when I originally wrote this. Left the original intact as to show examples of what filter does what.

@Falc_16 aha, make it happen!

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I am using those filters since I was thrown to the game with minimum level 10+. The most used filter for me is just “EU” since I want to play on EU servers because of low ping. Those filters are very useful, especially nowdays when we have C4 XP bug and you get mission to make 6000 gamemode XP. Then I just look for maps with EV so that I can get that XP quickly.

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