Seeking PS3 Co-op Players

(WellSeeYaLater) #1

I’ll say the subject fits as you can still compete with other players competitively in co-op through the amount of experience earned at the end of the match.

Since there’s no LOBBY I’m here to round up people to play co-op on the PS3. I typically prefer the resistance side, but either way is fine.

I’m WellSeeYouLater on PSN.

(srxirsl) #2

Actually how u now everyone is trade ps3 for Xbox … I think u well be have problem to find some players on this console…

(red_royal) #3

LoL idiots are trading in their console, bored people are buying an xbox for the time being and fanboys were doing nothing until yestarday.
I added you btw =)
PSN: red_royal

(WellSeeYaLater) #4

Thanks Red Royal! I’ve had something personal against Microsoft, and I happen to like the company that Sony is. I love my PS3.

(Soul-Trapper-97) #5

Ps3 for the win!! ar you still wanting a hand in Co-op

(Crytiqal) #6

3 years later, gj Soul-Trapper-97

(AllIsDull) #7

oh yes, PS3 rules!