Season 2 Event "Random" Cards...not so random

(Artyrim) #1

Hi guys,
I just don’t know how to call this “luck” but can you do something about these cards?Because I’m fuckin tired of this. I got 3 Phoenix …the SAME CARD fuck. As well got 2 Aimee(same card again) + an another one.
I wish that I could “one day” recycle them or just trash them. Until now I got 1 Kira(shitty),3 Phoenix,2 Sky,1 Vasile,3 Aimee,1 Redeye…(i love snipers!..sarcastic),2 Aura,1 Proxy (the card is kinda “mah” but I use it only because of weapon),1 Arty(i wish a better one…) and a Rihno…I want recycle most of them . But we can’t do it.
Is really so hard to do it?

I play the ranked because is better than the normal matches(are boring) but still I want at least DIFFERENT cards or mercs and not the same .

BTW can you tell me the " chances" to get the same card? I’m really curious about because is the first time … I was so “lucky”


(Leak1337) #2

Same Aimee and Phoenix Cards here…

(speedydust) #3

When i was crafting Nader bronze few days ago i did around 12 times i got 10 same bronze cards with same special abilites and all almost in a row!!!