SD you MUST repair your matchmaking

(meloncube) #1

i dont need anything more than this screenshot to explain the amount of bs

(Mcdoogan) #2

I will add to this.

7 matches in a row like this. Lost 2 ranks so far due to poor match making. Before the change I was getting in good fights and my win lose was around 50/50. Now it’s 10/90’

I can provide more screen shots if needed but this seriously needs to be looked at.

I don’t mind losing but when matches are over in 4 minutes because the other team has 2-3 people on there with a KDR of 4 to 1 the game loses it’s fun and doesn’t have the competitive feel to it anymore.

Another stomp out match

(woodchip) #3

The matchmaking is terrible because the population is terrible. Population is terrible because ranked rewards are inexplicably pathetic. SD needs to look at how other games with casual and competitive modes incentivized competitive play.

The obvious design model is big rewards, and huge rewards for playing your first 10 games of ranked. It’s a good idea for TRYING ranked to be hugely rewarding. Right now, the design is “ranked is somewhat more rewarding than casual”, on the theory that people who want to play ranked will play ranked. But that’s not how this works, as Blizzard and Riot have well learned. Most players find competitive in any game more intense, and most players don’t respond positively to it UNLESS there is a correspondingly greater reward for success. Going from 0% stressed to X% stressed feels bad to most people (even if X is rather small), unless the stressful option is AT LEAST twice as rewarding. Hence the massive competitive reward premium in all the most successful games (WoW, LoL, OW, Hearthstone).

In general Dirtybomb suffers because SD doesn’t know how to leverage their actually very solid itemization / rewards system to boost player engagement. They should pay Greg Street a one off $10k retainer to give them reward system feedback. That’s all they would need to double the pop of the game in 6 months, with a thriving competitive mode to boot. Blizzard doesn’t do team shooters as well as Splash Damage. They do player engagement better.

(Mcdoogan) #4

First pic the cobalt player had over 1k hours in the game while the top player on our team had 21 hours

On the last pic Jeff had 74/23 on KD.

I am done with ranked and CMM for good till this is fixed.

This is beyond ridiculous when I am pitted against a cobalt players and me and my team are silver classes with unranks.

I was debating on making future purchases in game but now I know I will not be. The game has been out for a while and this is season 3, you would think match making would be at a point of fairness.

What ever algorithm you guys use or created needs to be put in a dumpster fire and pushed off a bottomless pit.