Screen Tearing - Fast Sync

(RageSmirk) #1

So up till now I’ve used fullscreen mode, and since last update I’ve noticed screen tearing.
Didn’t notice it before, so maybe it’s because of the new update.
Anyways, when selecting borderless windowed mode, the tearing disappears.
So I’ve read about it and seems like it’s a Windows thing…
Although they say that Fast Sync is better in this regard.
And I’ve been trying to enable Fast Sync to no avail.

Anyone tried/succeeded enabling Fast Sync in fullscreen mode?

(K1X455) #2

so who made Fast Sync? Cyrix?

(RageSmirk) #3

It’s a better version of VSync, instead of limiting the FPS it discards uneeded frames.
For games that you get double or triple your monitor’s refresh rate.
Made by NVIDIA.

(KangaJoo) #4

Fast sync is great on paper but from my, and seemingly everyone other than nvidia’s experience, the current implementation of it causes so much stuttering that the difference in responsiveness between it and no vsync is way too big to ignore.

In general, if you want the game to feel as responsive as possible, turn vsync off and play in full screen mode (not borderless or windowed). Look up the battlenonsense YouTube channel for more info.

(K1X455) #5

Did you mean FreeSynch by AMD/ATI?

(KangaJoo) #6

No, fast sync is an Nvidia thing and is very different to freesync/gsync in that it doesn’t require a specialized monitor or involve variable refresh rates.