Scheduled Maintenance - November 25th, 2016

(Chris Mullins) #1

Dirty Bomb will be in maintenance today at 20:00 UTC. There will be a client and server update, but downtime should be minimal.


  • London (BST, UTC+1): 20:00 - 21:00
  • Los Angeles (PDT, UTC-7): 12:00 - 13:00
  • Sydney (AEDT, UTC+11): 06:00 - 07:00 November 26th

UPDATE: We are now out of maintenance. ENJOY!


(Poldy040) #2

Great… Friday evening and maintenance! :’(

(farcicalZipper) #3

Best time ever… :dizzy:

(_AK_) #4

Man, I was playing really well today, too.

Oh well, I guess it was an important maintenance.

(SiegeFace) #5

I feel for the guys working overtime…on a friday of all things.

(El_padre_) #6

i hope this update correct the freez and lagg because it’s a problem since the update (i don’t talk about the connection because my connection is good )

(mpod89) #7

Patch download, what is this sorcery? Gibt notes

(binderr) #8

no info, must be witchcraft! >:)

(Mc1412013) #9

So um is this part 2 of mofo? I think i will call it “Mofo update part two the forgoten fixes”

(TitaniumRapture) #10

Stop drinking. :smiley:

(Tanker_Ray) #11


(SnakekillerX) #12

Patch Notes:

Fixed 20% of people’s bitching about game and server performance.
20% of people are now bitching about something else.


(Mc1412013) #13

Stop drinking. :smiley: [/quote]

I onwnley dwunk tuw bwears or whas wit swits ow swevem

Lol i hate typing on mobile phones my thumbs seem to lile the (b)and (.) Keys instead of space key
But i fixed my post

(fuzzel) #14

no idea for what this update was…but not 4 fixing the lag issue…the same like before…

byebye Dirty Bomb

(Mc1412013) #15

[quote=“fuzzel;213395”]no idea for what this update was…but not 4 fixing the lag issue…the same like before…

byebye Dirty Bomb[/quote]

I tried to browse the update folder before it dissapeared. it seems like one of the updates was for engineer_01. but thats all i could see as it updated and deleted the update folder contents in less than 2 minutes. This was a small 242 MB update and i have every thing on ssd and i have 50 down so it did its thing very quickly. As soon as i saw engineer i thought they were sneaking turtle in like they did temporarily for aimee but then i realized it wasnt engineer_04 as he would be the 4th engineer

(CaRe) #16

The patch raised MaxObjectsNotConsideredByGC by 1 to 137393.

(El_padre_) #17

since the last update i have always low fps always my fps shut down i have a lot of freez and lag same when i play on minimal quality and before the update i play on super hight without freez and without problem but since this update omfg is very NOT better !!! i stop to play this games because now i CAN’T !

(bontsa) #18

Nice to see @fuzzel back making his 467th melodramatic leave :smirk:

(Smile.jpg) #19

No FPS drop fixes in this update if someone is interested.

(El_padre_) #20

me i have fps drop and freez and lagg is unplayable !