Scaling in Doom3

(Infernis) #1

Hi guys,

I’m new here, I was directed to this site by a friend. I go by the nick Infernis [which is latin for hell].

I’ve been editing for Quake3 but I want to start making MP maps for Doom 3. This way I’ll be complelty up to date wenn Quake 4 hits the shelves.

Anyway let’s continue with my first question to introduce myself to the board. What are the common used sizes for height between floors, staircases [how width and high each step is], walkways, etc.

I’ve been looking at some .map files but it varies a bit between singleplayer and multiplayer, or atleast so it seems. I just want to get it right [I had alot of trouble with Quake3 as well in the beginning] before I even start.

So anyone ?

([DS]Method) #2

Hi Infernis,

This forum mostly quiet, but hopefully you’ll get some more replies.


hallway: 128 - 192 units (width)
walls: 128 - 256 units (height)
steps: 1 step = 8 units (height)
crate: 16 - 64 units (width and height)
pipes: 8 - 64 units (diameter)

I believe, those are standards.

For light volumes, I use this table:

|   8 |  16 |  24 |  32 |  40 |  48 |  56 |  64 |
|  72 |  80 |  88 |  96 | 104 | 112 | 120 | 128 |
| 136 | 144 | 152 | 160 | 168 | 176 | 184 | 192 |
| 200 | 208 | 216 | 224 | 232 | 240 | 248 | 256 |
| 264 | 272 | 280 | 288 | 296 | 304 | 312 | 320 |
| 328 | 336 | 344 | 352 | 360 | 368 | 376 | 384 |
| 392 | 400 | 408 | 416 | 424 | 432 | 440 | 448 |
| 456 | 464 | 472 | 480 | 488 | 496 | 504 | 512 |
| 520 | 528 | 536 | 544 | 552 | 560 | 568 | 576 |
| 584 | 592 | 600 | 608 | 616 | 624 | 632 | 640 |
| 648 | 656 | 664 | 672 | 680 | 688 | 696 | 704 |
| 712 | 720 | 728 | 736 | 744 | 752 | 760 | 768 |

You can enter any value for light_radius, but I try to use numbers divisible by eight (one grid unit).


(Infernis) #3

Hi Method,

Thanks for the reply. It appears that it’s not so different from Quake 3 then I imagined.

Well better start working on it. What are you currently working on ?

([DS]Method) #4

I remember now, I saw you on Map-Center forum. I’m working on getting as much info on CTF and playing a lot of Q2 CTF to get a good feel of gameply, before I’ll begin a map for D3 CTF. I already sketched and blocked out a possible map. Here is the topic I made with resources over at

I usually post news on what I do here:


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I’ve sent you an email.

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