Save Dirty Bomb

(luversels) #1

I guess the devs have moved on. Some players too. I haven’t. And I won’t. That’s why I’m writing this. Call me stupid or whatever, I just might be. But I ain’t a quitter.
So this is going to be my idea of what could happen (It won’t but I’ll feel better after this). It all comes down to three steps.
-Acquire funds
-Reform DB
-Get people in it

To elaborate:

  1. I know working for free is not a thing. I’ve done it and it was BAD. So that’s why money are needed. Now I have no idea how SD would evaluate the cost to execute anything with DB, but I’d guess that whatever the sum is they won’t be able to crowd fund it. But you can get help from The Chicken Overlords. Ain’t their job to sponsor you or something. On a side note, if I had the money, I wouldn’t mind just giving it for the cause. I’m sitting on a few lottery tickets but I wouldn’t wait for that.

  2. There are some things that need to be done in order to enhance the Dirty Bomb experience. Get the match making in. It’s superior to to quick join in any way. If you’re worried about the wait time just limit the server browser. Focus all the official servers on matchmaking and have that be the way to play. The server browser can only display the community servers. I’m saying this as someone who extensively uses the browser. I’d take the ability to party up happily.
    Don’t focus on gameplay changes. At this point we have to take what we can get and overextending won’t help.
    Now here’s a fun thought. Put a price tag on the game. Make it 20 bucks, or what have you. Now obviously you can’t charge people who already own the game. But in the end i’m sure it’s better than relying on whales to fund your game. Have like a “supporter pack” for those who get the game or already have it. I’d want to buy it.
    If the game is paid you’d have to switch up a bit the feature acquisition method. Don’t, like, make all mercs free. Getting a new merc felt really good to me. Ofcourse tweak the credit income in a few ways. Mostly by lowering the requirement for the missions and FFS if you complete all 3 just reroll them without a token. And another thing. You know how there is a default loadout. Not anymore just have it so that players have all 9 latest gen loadouts with no rarity. When it comes to skins like the obsidian ops just on purchase let players choose which loadout they want it for. Also get rid of the extra currencies. No more RADS and fragments. convert them into credits or something. Bring back the case drop every 2-3 matches. Bring back trading up! Have the dropped cases not have a cobalt in them. Alter the level up crate’s rewards. Instead of RADS add 3, 5 ,10 cases.
    In the store instead of premium currency have direct purchase. Also screw steam community market support, but expand trading. All loadouts, weapon skins, you name it- tradable. Speaking of weapon skins. All should come in perfect condition and just have patterns like with the loadouts.
    I believe these are pretty simple changes in terms of technical work. Except maybe matchmaking but that’s been done before.

  3. Finally just advertise the game. Like don’t do trailers or ads. Just target your audience better. You know, people that play similar games. R6S, CS:GO, OW. Other companies with actual shit games advertise by sponsoring big youtubers. Reach out to such people. Give them “press account”, basically all mercs unlocked (and payment obviously), and have them show the game to their audience. Give them some codes to giveaway. As long as the price is competitive people will try it. And then would be more inclined to not bail if everything is not perfect. And ofcourse you’ll have to commit to more regular updates, however small. And new content will come later. Even if just in the form of skins (obsidian ops style not weapon skins style). Even if you dont add new mercs, which would be a shame, you can still make the game feel fresh by releasing a new gen of loadouts. But don’t forget maps too.

Now that’s just the thoughts that help me fall asleep at night. I don’t expect anyone to do something just cuz some chump said it on the internet.
And yes i most likely didn’t think this through, and lack insight, and probably speak out of my ass. But that keeps me sane you know. And if you(whoever wasted their time to read this) feel the need to tell me why SD would never do anything because reasons, don’t bother. I don’t care. But if anyone else likes daydreaming feel free to add somethin or whatever. And “It’s not that simple” is not a valid reason. Like hell it ain’t simple but that don’t mean it can’t or shouldn’t be done.
And SD I know you ain’t friends with Shiny anymore and all but remember when he said “SD just don’t give up.”? I believe him.

(Teflon Love) #2

The Chicken Overlords most likely saw DB as an investment where they eventually get their money back and then some.

After throwing money at SD for several years and AFAICT giving SD pretty much every freedom they liked concerning the game design, the Chicken Overlords finally accepted that SD simply is incapable of developing a game that is profitable and attractive to a reasonably sized audience.

On the other hand SD seems to be somewhat competent in doing the menial work of game development. If someone gives them a nice drawing of dots, they at least are able to connect those.

So the Chicken Overlords told them to stop their childish drawing and accept that right now connecting dots is all they can do. That’s why SD now is doing Gears of War games etc full time.

Know your strengths and weaknesses.

(Floris) #3

Yeah, SD is just an average studio working on world famous franchises and making games played by millions.

That said, development of DB is ending no matter how much we plead. Have fun while there are still players left.

(Ptiloui) #4

Leyou Technologies, aka the Chicken company, acquired Splash Damage Group for US$ 190.000.000. Soooo, I think there are enough money out there to make Dirty Bomb grow, if only they would, or more precisely, if only it was interesting for them to make it grow.

(n-x) #5

You are stupid and SD would never do anything because reasons. There you go!

But seriously. This ship has sailed. Look at the steam charts numbers. They are plummeting. They will probably fall below 600 average players until the end of month. It is so over. Best thing is to stop wasting energy on DB. You know, like the Devs have done.

(Meerkats) #6

There’s this famous manga called “Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou” that I dearly love. It’s a beautiful slice of life story about the end of the world. An undisclosed environmental calamity has occurred and civilization is wiped out. As nature reclaims the world and humanity enters its final twilight, there’s no struggle, no final stand, nothing. Just a quiet acceptance amongst survivours as resources dwindle and the world as we know it wanes into nothing.

That’s how I see the end of Dirty Bomb.

I think it’s fair to say most vets want Dirty Bomb to succeed. But this quiet acceptance? From me, and from many others? We’ve run out of faith in Splash Damage, and if Dirty Bomb is to be saved, we wouldn’t want Splash Damage at the helm.

About everything possible in the universe has colluded against Dirty Bomb. It is a now niche game type that the larger ( very squidgy ) gaming community ( full of pussies ) is no longer interested in playing, overshadowed by Overwatch ( cause retards can’t distinguish games with hamsters from games that don’t ) headed by a studio so far out of their depth they may as well be attempting to land rovers on Neptune, who can’t even be bothered to put in the moolah for quality servers.

It sucks, but in ways, the silence is sadder than anything.

Though ironically, at least we never saw the two or three new mercs Splash Damage was supposed to be planning to have released this year. I’m certain they would’ve all been awful, perhaps even enough to get me to turn my back on Dirty Bomb.

(Mc1412013) #7

I think there getting ready to saett dropping official servers. According to multiplay there adding community servers to quick join

(Mr.Cuddlesworth) #8

They’re gonna buff the hell out of Arty

(Meetrock) #9

I hate to tell you this, but they’re handing the game to the community in the beginning of 2019. So I doubt they will do any effort to reboot the game or at least make some few tweaks to make it more playable for people who still want to try it. And for me, the problem isn’t the money, or any type of resources. I’ve always SD should be given another chance, but it’s more apparent to me now that SD just doesn’t care about DB anymore.

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First comment in 90% if dev videos.

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I am so pleased with this.

(Dirty Bomb player) #13

Im not a pro player of DB, because i started playing a little time ago. However i love this game and it’s my favourite one.Because of this reason im sad and want to share (and make you sharing) my DB experience, until it will ending! So i’m going to talk about anything about DB in my new topic, “RIP DIRTY BOMB” Get it a look :occhiolino: