Santa's sack pack is currently bugged.

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I know this probably should be in the Bug Reporting section, but I felt that this iss something SD would want to take care of sooner, and they are more likely see it here. A mod can move it if you think this doesn’t belong.

So, the Santa’s sack pack is currently bugged. You can wind up getting more than you bargained for with it, as it may dublicate items in the pack, so you might get 200K ccredits, or 2 credit boosters.
I’ve heard some rumors, that for this to happen, you need to have an internet browser open, along with Dirty Bomb when you buy the pack, and when you restart the game, some of the items from the pack may be duped.

(XavienX) #2

Illuminati confirmed?

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(NxA_Noxie) #4

@sentimentalDime I’ve seen other reports of this and we are looking into it thanks!