Ryburn: Weapon animation errors (reload, inspect)

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Edit: s/The left hand/Both hands (and gun, if reloading)/

  • Synopsis: Ryburn: Weapon animation errors (reload, inspect)

  • Type: Defect, visual, weapons

  • Severity: Cosmetic, or low (cf. SHAR-C, Hurtsall 2K, and other weapons)

  • First affected version: 20180227 Hunter

  • Reproduction rate: 10/10

  • Environment:

  • [This problem is visible at] approx. < 60fps (if it goes away at higher frame rates, I currently cannot test that)

  • Low or minimal settings

  • Video/screenshot: None, sorry

  • Description: The Ryburn exhibits visible flaws at the end of its reloading and inspecting animations. Both hands (and gun, if reloading) will abruptly shift once or twice, as if repeating its last frames.

  • Steps to reproduce:

  • As Hunter, at < 60 fps,

  • Equip the Ryburn (Hunter’s primary)

  • Stand still, and inspect the Ryburn

  • Stand still, and fire and reload the Ryburn

  • Expected results: Smooth transitions at all frame rates, when reloading and inspecting

  • Actual results: Abrupt hand movements at the end of the reloading and inspecting animations

  • Fix: ?

  • Workaround: The animations will easily cancel (before the “bad” frames are ever visible) just by moving around.

  • Remarks: Not tested comprehensively at all, and not tested at higher FPS values.