RTCWCoop 1.0.0 is released

(vicpas) #1

Info and Download: http://www.rtcwcoop.com/2014/06/rtcwcoop-1-0-0-is-released/

(-SSF-Sage) #2

This is a lot of fun! So stable and bug free compared to any previous version! Almost like totally new. :slight_smile:

(Crytiqal) #3

I love it :slight_smile:

I run 4 MP servers for those willing to play.
One question tho, how can I turn on logging?

It doesn’t seem to create a logfile with g_log ?
Thanks in advance!

(Crytiqal) #4

Is it true that the cutscenes are deleted and can’t be turned on?

That would be such a shame… :frowning:
It brought so much of immersion of playing a single player game in coop you know.

(fretn) #5

+set logfile 1

cutscenes cannot be turned on, they where too much broken to get them working in a multiplayer environment.

(Crytiqal) #6

I just get an empty file named rtcwconsole.log

I have the following commands:

seta logfile 1
seta g_log “server_rtcw_coop_01.log”
seta g_logsync “1”
seta g_extendedLog “1”

Also, as I quote -SSF-Sage from rtcwcoop.com:

“Yes nothing really stops from remaking them. But skipcutscenes would have to be a servers decision. All players would view it or not view it. Then it only would need a cvar check in map script selecting if we need to run cutscene or nocutscene trigger. We already have all the tools so it would not be that hard really.”

Would there be any plans in the future to bring them back?

(vicpas) #7

New version 1.01: http://www.rtcwcoop.com/download.php?file=rtcwcoop-1.0.1-win-x64.zip

Info here: http://www.rtcwcoop.com

(Crytiqal) #8

No cutscenes back? :((

(vicpas) #9

Maybe, later

(Crytiqal) #10

Please bring back the cutscenes, it is like half of the games’ atmosphere <3

(tzs) #11

Recently, this problem constantly.
Making a server in the list in master.rtcwcoop.com

But when I enter the game in the list does not exist on its own server, visible only in the local section.

Therefore, although the open, no one can join me.

What could be the problem?

(ronboy) #12

A 5th Anniversary Upgrade is coming soon for RTCWCoop! Check my website for more information: https://goo.gl/MUE02n

(ronboy) #13

A new version of RTCWCOOP has been released, 1.0.2! Check my website for more information: https://goo.gl/X3BRH3

(ronboy) #14

As promised, the RTCWCoop Anniversary Upgrade was released today! Check my website for more information: https://goo.gl/TKeL4M