RtCW SP-Mod: ~ Resurrection ~

(HerrK) #1

There is a new german singleplayer-mod for RtCW under construction!
“Resurrection 1977” by Nebu

The Story is based after RtCW in the year 1977, were Europe is since 40 years into war!
You play the young officer-cadet “Emma” which will fight for the underground.
You can even decide in the Game how the story will be continued…

For more informations (only in german) visit the cool Resurrection Mod-Page
or for some screenshots HerrK’s Base

(NdK) :wink:

(kat) #2

couldn’t seem to find any screenshots, are there any available? (might be a good idea to link to them directly fro this thread?)

(HerrK) #3

Why not? :???:

Here are some screenshots from me…

(kat) #4

oh… hey, that’s looks pretty good. If you need any more brick textures I’ve got some on my site you can use (as well as some other stuff).

(HerrK) #5

I have already before seen all the textures on your page…realy nice!
Info: Mod-Leader Nebu will break off the mod for some time
and work for another german RtCW-Singleplayer-Mod.

PS: What’s going on with your Singleplayer-Project Generator…all ok with the scripting?

(kat) #6

it’s going well, just setting the AI up atm so the main objective can be tested properly and as there’s nearly 40 of them you can imagine it takes a while…!!

(vicpas) #7

Any chance to complete this project?

(Darkix) #8

22nd Jan 2004, 16:29 -coff
OP’s last visit was at the end of '09, so…

Epic bump though.

(HerrK) #9

Definitely an epic bump! :smiley:

(Darkix) #10

LOLWTF HerrK, you don’t log in for 6 months, and then when your thread gets bumped, you magically appear? O.O

(Nail) #11

autoresponders work well

(Darkix) #12

I’ve always had problems with them.

(vicpas) #13

Hi, HerrK.
Any chance to get the maps about Ressurrection 1977 from Nebu?
I’d like to finish them.

(HerrK) #14

Hehe no autoresponder, but i see your post in my referrer list. :wink:

Sorry guys, I hear nothing from Nebu since over five years!

(calipso) #15

vicpas did you get my pm?

(vicpas) #16

Hi, Calipso.

I didn’t understand your question about “pm”.

(calipso) #17

check your private message inbox here at splashdamage forums.

(vicpas) #18

Ok, calipso.
I will try to find him on that forum.

(Eugeny) #19

Unfortunately dead project :frowning:

(vicpas) #20

You’re right Eugeny, because this mod seemed to be a great promise.