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(supra36) #1

Good day/evening,

if you’re reading this, then Return to Castle Wolfenstein released back in 2001 must have gotten in your head so heavily that you came across of this reboot of this classic game. Unfortunately, no one, besides RealRTCW team managed to give some kick start to this game on a new engine with higher capabilities than the old Q3 engine (which of course still does its job).

I once thought that there’s nothing in this world that is impossible to do, so here I am.

As for a first media update I wanted to list all the features this reboot is going to have, but it will be easier if I’m going to tell you what this mod will not have. It will not use any of the original content of the Return to Castle Wolfenstein, except for the music. What is important here is that I do not want to rip-off the original content. That is caused, first by legal issues this reboot could face, and second it just doesn’t fit. If the Return to Castle Wolfenstein in the reboot’s name will face any legal issues, then the name is also going to change.

Since it is a big project and I would love to release it in the upcoming year, I will need mappers, modellers, artists and anyone who would like to help me with this since it will take forever to complete when working in one-person team.

Contact me at: k.j.krysztofiak@gmail.com or through private message on moddb.

Have a nice day and spread the word about this reboot!