Roll it back to Beta?

(CheapSauce) #1

Constant server issues, sound issues, fps drops, random ctd’s, plethora of bugs etc etc. The list goes on and it’s really not getting any better for me or for many of the other players I know. I know no game is ever free of issues no matter what stage it is in but it seems like Dirty Bomb 1.0 release is the same rotting carcass with a shiny new hat on it.

Sure there are some good and fun aspects to the game but seriously, when is all this stuff really going to be fixed?

(K1X455) #2

How far back tho?

(Begin2018) #3

Rollback just before the Phantom release would be perfect! ^^

(K1X455) #4

Was thinking about it as well… good ol’ days… eh?


A roll back isn’t really possible, you only get one full release after all, but I’m surprised these server issues haven’t been dealt with yet. It’s been like, what, a week? Idk if it’s this bad for everyone else but the game is almost completely unplayable for me outside of community servers.

I get the devs probably wanted to take a break after 1.0, they deserve one, but considering all the new players who joined for 1.0 I’m really surprised they haven’t done more. I just hope they don’t plan on abandoning the game like some developers do after full release, they skipped the last dev video after all.

(bgyoshi) #6

You don’t go from v1 back to vBeta

You go to v1.1

(Teflon Love) #7

In my experience a major go live for a software product is stressful a few weeks before (because typically someone overpromised what’ s possible) and a few weeks afterwards (because unexpected usage scenarios pop up no one was prepared for).

I understand it’s opportune to bash SD’s software engineering skills but I doubt even they are so naive that they would have expected that most of them can go on holiday shortly after the 1.0 release.

(bgyoshi) #8

literally my work life

This needs to be enshrined in a frame on my wall

(CheapSauce) #9

Yes, I am aware that technically a rollback isn’t possible. The thing i don’t get is how this game’s producers can after one update get the game working with only a few performance issues and next update everything’s gone back to the freaking dark ages. Mind you the past few updates have really been pretty bad.

I’ve lost count of the amount of times i have tried to fix things on my end, e.g., rolling back and reinstalling drivers, re-installing the game, verifying game files, etc etc etc. IF MY SYSTEM WAS ANYMORE UP TO DATE IT WOULD BE IN THE FUTURE!

At times it’s a fun game if one isn’t getting randomly dis-conned from servers, servers dying, getting frame-rate drops, getting momentary freezes, dying around corners, head-shots not registering, getting stuck on the EV, dying to explosions when they are 50 meters away, getting sniped by shotguns from 100 meters away for 50 damage, getting killed by 50 foot long katana’s, mines not exploding, molotov’s not exploding, unbalanced shotguns etc etc…

Or maybe it’s not.