RIP Rads

(Press E) #1

What’s happening to the obsidians? It’s not specified if they’re going to be available for credits or not. I’ve been saving up for one, and I assume we’ll be able to buy them with credits, but I’d rather make sure before it’s too late!

Also, what about some of the merc release skins like Javelin’s bloody one or Guardian’s Gold skin? Those aren’t mentioned whatsoever.

The FAQ also mentions this, so I suppose that could be the old content they’re talking about:

(Kirays) #3

You might have missed it, the obsidians will absolutely be purchasable with credits. How much they will cost is determined by the rad to credit ratio (1 ~ 20).

(Nail) #4

btw, I was told Founder’s Obsidians will be tradeable

(Xenithos) #5

Schweet, gonna go bother a bunch of friends now. Yanno, for the year or so the game still exists. I tried out Brink Multiplayer and it just wasn’t as polished as a multiplayer game as I was thinking it could be. Singleplayer was interesting though.