RIP Dirty Bomb dev: Chat about DB

(Dirty Bomb player) #1

Hi everybody. I think Dirty Bomb is one of the best FPS ever, and of course the best free2play FPS.
I created this topic to talk about anything (Favourite mercs, best cards, epic matches exc…)!

(Begin2018) #2

Did you tried IronSight?

(Your worst knifemare.) #3

Pretty sure a few threads like this exists soooooo

Favorite merc: Sparps
Merc that needs deletion: Proxy
Best match: Entire team went Sparps
Best new merc release: Guardy
Most overused loadout: 383

(Nail) #4

I’m glad they’re refunding the “all merc pack”, think I’ll use it on GoW:Tactics


(Dirty Bomb player) #5

No, but now im going to do it! Thanks for the advice.

(Dirty Bomb player) #6

You’re right, but its late to undo it…

Best merc: Fletcher
Mercs that beed deletion: Thunder, because its useless
Best match: I dont know

(Dirty Bomb player) #7

They should find some way to keep the matchmaking on! It’s already impossible to play in decent servers :disappointed_relieved:

(mrdisco) #8

Hate the art design. Characters, specially.

They have that femme k-pop physique.

(Begin2018) #9

Some people switched to Black Squad too.

(mrdisco) #10

Black Squad is FUGLY.

(V0ren) #11

I dont think the game is really “dead” i mean players from 600 to 800 daily playing, still good for a game with no development live.

(Mc1412013) #12

Ive seen worse playercount games still online so im not seing db shutting down for a while. Plus i doubt they would be doing a final round of bug fixes if they were pulling the plug. Plus there may or may not be a c4te tribute added to game we still waiting on an answer on that


Even if the servers do go down, we’ll probably still have 1 or 2 community servers up. You might have to wait a bit for a game, maybe ask if anyone wants to play on discord, but DB has a dedicated fanbase. Even if the casual level 5 players leave, we’ll still have the more dedicated ones for a while

(V0ren) #14

True, ill keep on playing.

(Mc1412013) #15

As long as i have a job and can do it im not killing off my server any time soon. I only have exe maps actuve but if needed i can have them all active in map selection

(mrdisco) #16

YOU are.

Quit being so inconvenient.

(Your worst knifemare.) #17

Long live DB