Ridiculous Scoped Guns


Greetings to y’all

So, for those of us who have been playing the game for a long time, we are all familiar with the game’s three scoped sniper rifles: the PDP-70, the MOA SNPR-1, and the Fel-IX.

However, did you know that you can put a scope on any gun?

Well, at least while offline and using console commands and glitches.

Right now, there is a glitch where if you use commands to change your gun after the map loads, then respawn, your new gun will still have the sights/scope of the gun you had when the map loaded. However, this can be exploited by changing your gun with commands before loading a map offline. For example, I used commands to swap my primary weapon to the Fel-IX, loaded the Assault Course (the best testing ground, although the offline Objective maps will work as well), swapped to the Stark AR, then respawned. The result? A Stark AR with the Fel-IX’ scope attached in the most ridiculous way possible.

These are some of the most notable results from the guns I tested. In general, if a gun was not mentioned here, it was because the recoil (which was not reduced by attaching a scope on any of the guns) was too high for the gun to be an effective long-range weapon.

Absolute garbage with a scope, because the shot spread is more or less always the same. Additionally, at short range, the shotguns were not particularly useful when aimed using the scope.

Smjüth & Whetsman/DE .50
Surprisingly good. The pistol recoil is a bit higher than that of some of the game’s rifles, but there’s enough time between shots to reposition your crosshair and land a second shot.

Completely broken in offline mode. The entire gun is invisible, the ammo count doesn’t show consistently, and there is no scope overlay while aiming down sights. Additionally, the recoil is too high for it to be an effective sniper weapon, although this is probably a glitch in offline mode.

Grandeur SR
It works, possibly a little better than the stock Grandeur (as I have never used it in a match before), but at the end of the day, it just felt like a weird PDP-70.

Stark AR
This is the only scoped gun I will include a screenshot for, but I must, because it looks absolutely hilarious.


That said, it performs more or less like a normal Stark.

Dreiss AR
My personal favorite, as it has low recoil and good damage output. Additionally, unlike the other sniper guns, it can be effectively hip-fired. This is probably the reason why the Dreiss only comes with iron sights: it would be far too powerful otherwise.

(Tcorn) #2

It’s like those scopes where you can swap between a zoom scope and a normal sight, except they’re both zoom scopes lol