Return to Castle Wolfenstein

(Bam_MacGonzo) #1

Anyone else remember this game? I consider Dirty Bomb to be its’ spiritual successor (The Enemy Is Weakened!) and I just wanted to thank the team for bringing this game out - RtCW multiplayer was some of the most intense and fun games I’ve had, and DB takes me back (and then Phantom-trolls me :wink: )

I have one question.


They rocked in RtCW, and would fit quite well in DB :slight_smile: Have a merc called “Firebrand” or summink. Can’t go wrong with a flamethrower :wink:

Thanks again for an awesome game peeps!

(DeaDmaN2be) #2

I’m in! :slight_smile: Until today there has never been such a great multiplayer FPS like RtCW was. The good old days… maybe DB becomes the sequel I’ve alaways waited for. Besides ET wasn’t that bad as well.

Flamethrower sounds good so… :smile:

(waste) #3

Best game ever. Idea: Give Phatom flamethrower, and he can use it in stealth.

(Temporary) #4

It’s been suggested a few times, Stoker will however have a napalm/molotov cocktail for area of denial so its close but no cigar :’(

(avidCow) #5

This game is superficially like RTCW in some ways. With the release of more mercs I see DB getting further and further away from mpwolf.

(Dark_Neuron) #6

DBPro anyone? ^^

(prettyStake) #7

smokeherb OLTL servers … anyone remember them?

(CC_FANG) #8

I played that game, loved it.

(Sephios) #9

The zombies scared the heII out of me :frowning:

(RuleofBooKz) #10

i preferred ET (they even stole some RTCW maps)

(Bam_MacGonzo) #11

I just read that the same team that worked on RtCW/ET are the peeps that are making this one.

Meesa one happy chappy!

RtCW remains the most intense gaming experience I have had, and I will always remember that game, dementia notwithstanding :wink:

For its’ time, it was truly groundbreaking and I am absolutely delighted to see it back, with an updated look and feel :smiley:

I wish everyone involved all the very best for the future, I’ll be here for the duration :slight_smile:

(avidCow) #12

Nerve developed multiplayer RTCW.

(Bam_MacGonzo) #13

The multiplayer aspect was taken on (not sure of the full blah blah) by Splash Damage and was fully free to play under the title “Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory”, but it was more or less the same game - a couple of minor differences.

It may or may not be a lot of the same people involved, and perhaps ex-Nerve ppl are hiding in there too?