Return to Castle Wolfenstein: The Dark Army

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My reputation level on this forum has grown to a point where I’m satisfied (see the attachment).
Everyone here: thanks!

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Thank you Titeuf

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[QUOTE=TITEUF-85;537465]Thank-you my friend! I’m trying to make this modification a direct sequel to Return to Castle Wolfenstein (2001) and Wolfenstein (2009). I’m making my best to revive this amazing game and its community.
There will be multiple separate downloads (add-ons) for the original Return to Castle Wolfenstein.
These separate downloads will allow you to install the modification’s stuff on a clean install of RtCW.
More details will come through an update of the latest news article posted on the modification’s official Mod DB page.

Your welcome. I realize that it may be a lot of pressure (many Rtcw fans depending on you to revive the community), but all that we can do is hope for the best.
I would gladly return to mapping for this game, using the ioRTCW engine, if your mod succeeds in reviving the community. In the event that it fails to do so, don’t worry, because it’s not your fault. You are doing your best with this mod, that’s for sure. :slight_smile:
Thanks for the additional information about addons to your mod.

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I didn’t watch progress of this for a long time
What is the status of this project?

can you share little information with me? :slight_smile:

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Being finalized.

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As THE DARK ARMY: UPRISING will be tested during the following months, I will be absent of the community during a certain time and won’t be back until sometime in November. Testing phases are important and I’ll have many other things to do until the release. Hope everyone will understand: once the Q&A Interview published, I will be absent until November. This absence doesn’t affect the release of course. Thanks for your support.

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I’m sure that everyone understands, Titeuf. Good luck with finalizing The Dark Army! :slight_smile:

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Hello Titeuf,
When will be avaible the interview?

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Merry Christmas to you too, Titeuf! :smiley:

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Ah no, that’s the same campaign. I was just confused for a little bit thinking you have 2 full campaigns :smiley:

Thanks for all the work and a happy new year to you!

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Hello all,
Thanks Titeuf for your dedication?
I can’t wait. I count the hours.
About second part - any spoil? At least the title…:smiley:

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Tomorrow is the great day.
The beautifulest gift for winter hollydays.
At 12 o’clock pm Greenwich hour.
I don’t have any patience.
Once again, thank you Titeuf!

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Expect a surprise. All I can say. ^^

[QUOTE=melc_av;543531]Tomorrow is the great day.
The beautifulest gift for winter hollydays.
At 12 o’clock pm Greenwich hour.
I don’t have any patience.
Once again, thank you Titeuf![/QUOTE]
Ah ah can’t wait for you to play-it.

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Hello Titeuf,
The release mod was delayed?

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[QUOTE=melc_av;543550]Hello Titeuf,
The release mod was delayed?
Don’t worry – it arrives.

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The Dark Army has been released! Download link:

NOTE: You will need to install the patch after you install the mod. The patch fixes some severe and minor bugs.

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The Dark Army: Uprising was released last Wednesday and received mixed reviews upon release, although it has a majority of good reviews. To be frank with you all, I’m not satisfied of the modification: it has a lot of bugs/glitches, mainly related to the development but also to the engine. I can promise that all of these will be fixed with an upcoming re-release… but that’s not all: the modification will require the original retail game in order to avoid any copyright issues.

» Answer to the Russian community
First of all, I want to say sorry to the Russian community: the development has been rushed on some parts and I agree it’s not complete. I also want to thank Eugeny Panikarowsky for pointing many of the illogical moments of the mod (especially in The Crypt) as well as AidenDemon for pointing out credit-related mistakes and errors. I want to apologize towards both of them as I agree with their respective reviews. I also agree on the point I’ve been over-promoting this mod in order to get attention from the community. It won’t happen again. Also, I believe this project was revealed too early. This time, for future projects such as the mod’s second part, I won’t reveal anything until there’s a month before release.

» Modification retrieved from Mod DB — back February 20
The modification’s gonna be retrieved from Mod DB as another -revised- version (currently in the works) will be uploaded. This new version, baptized 2.0, will see all current bugs/glitches fixed. It will be available on Mod DB as of February 20, next month. As it is right now, it’s a shame it’s available.

» Scheduled fixes
Alright now is the time to show the scheduled fixes of this modification.

01 – Unbreakable windows will be breakable

02 – Inside environments will be remade

03 – First dynamite will be moved

04 – Stuck soldier (near lamp) will be moved

05 – Introduction scene will be added

06 – Ambient light will be fixed

07 – Inside places will have light

08 – Unfindable secret area will be fixed

09 – Unbreakable boards/wall objects will be breakable

10 – Other elements will be breakable

11 – First secret area will be harder to access

12 – Generator objective replaced with switch to get to the sewers

13 – Repeatable puzzle-related cinematic scene glitch will be fixed

14 – Unreadable text documents will be readable

15 – Unbreakable windows will be breakable

16 – Illogical moments will be removed/replaced

17 – Some cinematic scenes to help the player will be added

18 – Zombie spawns will be fixed

19 – Soldiers in the elevator won’t be blocked

20 – Water will be removed

21 – Cinematic scenes will be more user-helpful

22 – Bugged bullet-proof windows will be replaced

23 – One cinematic-scene will be added

24 – Venom-trooper will be fixed

25 – Ending stats will be fixed

The Base
26 – Prototype-soldiers’ textures fixed

27 – Super-soldiers’ textures fixed

28 – Player on fire -until death- bug will be fixed (thanks to 1.42d engine update)

29 – Unable-to-jump player bug will be fixed (thanks to 1.42d engine update)

30 – Other engine related bugs will be fixed (thanks to 1.42d engine update)

31 – On-screen elements will get bigger/larger (no more blind)

32 – Credits menu will be added

33 – On-screen elements will get bigger/larger (no more blind)

34 – Restart option won’t retrieve (all) your equipment anymore

35 – Area Map page activated in the notebook

36 – Close button added in the notebook

37 – Objective-checks will be more viewable in the notebook

38 – Objective-checks will be better-placed in the notebook

39 – Weapon sounds will be replaced with better ones

40 – Credits will be fixed accordingly (everybody will be there this time)

41 – Contributors will be placed correctly in the Credits

42 – Original Return to Castle Wolfenstein game will be needed to play

43 – .ROQ introduction will be added

» Upcoming RtCW stuff coming to Mod DB — weapons/models
Weapons and other models exclusive to this modification will be made available for the original game from this website. That includes weapons, lockers, medical boxes/kits, lens-flares… and it will be free to use, to share and to modify. You won’t necessarily need to credit-me if you’re using my stuff; I don’t care about that until your releases are free.

Thanks everyone and happy new year.