[RESOLVED] 11/20 Shop Purchase Error

(NXA-Orellien) #1

We’re currently seeing an issue with the Store that’s preventing purchases. We’re looking into it now, and we’ll let you know once we have more info to give.

Thanks for bearing with us :).

(Terminal_6) #2

I received a “bad gateway” error when trying to open a standard equipment case about an hour ago, is this related?

(MissMurder) #3

Thank you Orellien!

(MissMurder) #4

Yes it is.

(MissMurder) #5

All better now!

(roningoud) #6

@MissMurder @NXA-Orellien (and other developers) thx for these awesome events it is making this great game even more popular! and 1 +point is that this all hapens around my birthday!

thx administrator’s, moderator’s and developer’s of dirty bomb! I love the game and you deliver good work!

I am looking forward to more changes (meltdown event!!!)