Requiem avenging angel, a Total Conversion sp

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Sorry about posting in a multiplayer forum, but I take the risk.

We are creating a total conversion with the doom 3 engine. We are recreating the univers of the old FPS: requiem: Avenging angel. Our team make a great work but we seriously need some help of level designers:

The devTeam of the Doom 3 mod : Requiem Avenging Angel is looking for one or more level designer :

Strong notions in the Doom 3 engine are required.
Gaming experience with the original game Requiem Avenging Angel is a big plus.
Extensive experience with all mapping tools such as DoomEdit or GTKRadiant are necessary.
Knowledge in the Doom3 shader language is a good thing.
A good 3D modeling experience is essential.
High disponibility and a presence on the DevTeam IRC channel during reunions is asked.

We need also a modeler and a coder.

here is some stuff in developpement:

somes weapons and a new enemy

a wip of the HUD and a non textured pistol

the pistol Hakael

wip of first level scenes

an underground street

the portal


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