Requested feature was omitted at compile time

(h20xygen) #1

Ok i’m new to this forum but am pretty experienced when it comes to mapping, however i’ve never ever heard of this error

“Requested feature was omitted at compile time”

My map will run perfectly on local host - just folders, and when i pak it up (pk3) it runs perfectly on local host, however when I upload it to one of my ET servers it kicks me out of the game during loading time and gives me this “ET Console” error

I’ve searched the net high and low and all i can come up with is people saying something about progressively encoded jpgs in your shaders or levelshots but as far as I know ET only uses baseline standard jpgs - At a side note to this i’ve searched through all my textures and there seems to be nuffin wrong

Anyway if anyone can get back to me on this matter it’d be greatly appreciated.


(h20xygen) #2

solved it, sorry :slight_smile:

it was to do with a custom texture

(stephanbay) #3

the same thread has been submitted a week ago, maybe using Search button could help you next time :wink: