Replacing default Sten model and textures with custom ones? (SOLVED)

(Jakub Przywara) #1

Hello everyone,

do you know maybe how to extract Sten model and textures from RealRTCW 4.0 mod in order to make them usable in RTCW? I would like to use them in conjunction with Venom Mod (its a great mod overall, but i don’t like the look of some weapons even with improved textures). I just started my own “modding experiments” with RTCW, however i am familiar with 3ds Max, Milkshape and Blender to some extent (i recently installed Gmax 1.2 and NPherno 's MD3 Compiler). So far I converted the custom Sten related md3 models to .mdc format using RtCW ET Model Tools for Blender 2.8. (I converted them to mdc, because the game wasn’t able to detect them when they were in md3). Unfortunately, the new Sten view and world models are invisible in-game and i have console error message saying: “v_sten.mdc has no frames” and “sten.mdc has no frames”. What does it mean and how to fix that? Maybe I forgot to import other files from the RealRTCW 4.0 pk3 archives? This is odd, because the exact same model work flawlessly when used within the RealRTCW 4.0 mod installation. Any help will be appreciated!

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(sd2009) #2


to do so, you must open the file under wolfenstein/main/pak0.pk3 and replace the sten textures. pk3 files are renamed zip files. The model textures could be under sp_pak1.pk3 or sp_pak2.pk3. They could be even in the mp_pak0, 1, 2.pk3.

Good luck