Remove k/d Ratios from OBJ maps.

(Sairdontis) #1

If these ratios were removed there would be little to no motivation to mired the game in endless deathmatch scenrio where objectives are collectively ignored in favor of padding kill score.

There are modes already for this type of kills are all imporant play. Removing the k/d from obj maps would help keep these maps moving and prospering.

(Mustang) #2

Urrr, no thanks.

(Szakalot) #3

out of curiosity, which modes pander to k/d and not objectives?

(alphabeta) #4

I don’t care what my K/D is, as long as we win the map. Often the Proxy who repairs and plants and disarms or repairs gates/doors may have a negative K/D and yet still contribute the most to the team winning (and have the most XP). You have to decide what is important to you.

(Chris Mullins) #5

We only show K/D at the end of the match to try and focus players more on earning XP which, as you know. is greatly done through healing and focusing objectives. Even with it not there, players would still get blood lust and try and get as many kills as possible. That being said, I don’t see us removing it from the end scoreboard any time soon.

(Runeforce) #6

You really should rework how they are counted then. ‘Killstealing’ should not be a thing in 2017. Please take a hint from Overwatch and their elimination system on this one.

(KeMoN) #7

I really don’t see a problem here. The scoreboard (and presumably your rating as well) doesn’t reward raw kills, but XP/s and you get more XP the more damage you inflict on an enemy regardless of who gets the kill in the end. The higher your score the higher your contribution towards the overall team performance. That’s all that should matter.
That being said, I don’t think hiding the K/D amount in intermission is a good thing. This is a shooter after all and without rewards like ET had (Best Medic, War Hero Award, etc) Kills are one of the biggest comparison factors.

(bontsa) #8

This could also be achieved simply by having K/A/D, so assists included. As KeMoN said there, contribution to kills doesnt disappear into thin air, but is rather rewarded as exp points rather than straight up kill or elimination. To be fair I really prefer stricter ratios rather than OW’s extremely lax elimination system (speedboosted a dps as a support for some arbitrary amount of seconds? Oh here have also an elimination point for a kill they single handedly earned themselves anyway!)

(Runeforce) #9

That’s not how it works in OW. Those situations are counted as assists. They also have a category equal to DB’s kills called ‘killing blows’, but they are not prominently featured. An elimination is the part in the collaborate effort of damage dealers done on the target, instead of landing just the killing blow.

Btw. If you want players to focus more on the xp, then DON’T prominently feature k/d’s for everyone to see at the end-of-round scoreboards!

Again, just to repeat myself, encouraging ‘killstealing’ seems counterproductive to the spirit of the game, and it should not be a thing in 2017.

(_milla) #10

Dirty bomb is FPS game and S means Shooter.
Kills are most important factor in this game and most revarding too.