Remove fragments from bonus system

(Chronicler) #1

I just think the new bonus system isn’t that great creditwise.

We have gone from a possible 14k a week, to 3k a week through the latest update.

You get fragments anyway if you don’t want what’s in the case (minimum bronze 135 fragments). (You also gets tons of fragments from cases)

It could either be 4x 1500 credits

or removing the 100 fragments and adding one for 60 rads and one for 1500 credits.

I had to spend a million credits+ to get a cobalt kira with katana (had to do 12-13 rerolls before I got with katana). And also…had to buy tons of cases to get the fragments for that.

It’s hard if you want to craft these days. Unless you want to play the game all the time.

(Runeforce) #2

I agree, anything but credits in the daily reward feels disincentivizing.

(DB Genome editor) #3

Actually Rads are a nice addition to the daily rewards. I don’t care much about fragments, but I’m also drowning in unused credits. At least Rads can be blown on fancier skins and trinkets or gambled on weapon cases…