[regression] Direct hits for packs sometimes don't appear

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  • [regression] Direct hits for packs sometimes don’t appear


  • Defect, undocumented, regression


  • Low
  • Undocumented change
  • Regression

Regression range:

  • Last known good version:
  • I don’t know
  • Affected versions:
  • Earliest known occurrence:
  • Most recent version observed:
  • Today’s version:
  • 20171025 Jackal’s Eve

Reproduction rate:

  • 10/10 per match
  • Less than 5/10 during a match, as you throw to people

Can be reproduced offline:

  • No

    Requires other players to throw to (or with health packs it’s unclear what’s going on)


  • Any


  • Since the Guardian update or earlier, Direct Hits from ammo packs are sometimes missing, even when the recipient is standing still. I don’t hear the pack landing on the ground (save for lag when it lands at their feet).

    I’m only referring to the XP feed on the HUD in-game. I don’t know whether the pack’s recipient earns a lowered cooldown, or whether direct hit XP is actually counted post-match.

    Sparks packs are okay (“Direct Hit” all the time), yet I seem to remember they weren’t.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Online,
  • as Arty or Skyhammer,
  • throw ammo packs directly at players

Expected results:

  • “Direct Hit” every time a direct hit was made

Actual results:

  • Sometimes “Direct Hit” and sometimes nothing at all
  • There’s no sound of the ammo pack hitting the floor


  • N/A