Reformed DB Balance

(HadronZodiac) #1

This is just a list of small changes that would be nice to include, go ahead and share your ideas, or as usual explain why im a terrible player

Aimee - SNITCH - Contrail reduced by half and hp changed to 30

Arty - Arty Designator - 24 cooldown (cuz im weird like that)

Aura - Aura Station - HPS increased by 7.5%, but when a player takes damage health recieved is reduced by 15% for 3 seconds (timer resets every time damage is taken). When aura station is damage this applies to everyone in aura

Bushwhacker - Turret - Cooldown reduced by 5%, DPS reduced by 5%, range reduced by 5%, turret HP reduced by 8%

Fragger - Merc - 140 hp, speed reduced by 5
Frag Grenade - Blast increased to 4.2m and damage increased to 200

Nader - Grenade Launcher - Grenade damage (in blast) reduced by 10% and direct hits only do 80 damage, grenade blast radius reduced by 10%. Cooldown reduced to 7 seconds

Phantom - Cloak - 100% Invisible past 10m. Noise increased by 5%. Damage makes phantom +5% visible for 1 second. Visibility before 10m is 5%

Proxy - Mine - Blast radius reduced by 10%. Hitbox (and model) increased by 4% and health reduced by 4%

Rhino - Minigun - DPS reduced by 9%, max spread reduced by 21%, spread rate reduced by 9%, heat rate increased by 9%

Skyhammer - Airstrike designator - works under an EV (as its just a waste of time, and no it isnt useful for taking out rest of ev, it does less than 100ev damage for 21 second cooldown. no.)

Thunder - Concussion Grenade- Slow effect reduced by 5%, concuss blast radius increased by 5%. cooldown reduced to 18 seconds

Vasilli - HB Sensor - Health reduced to 20

Guardian - Skyshield - Deploy time reduced to .2 seconds, AOE increased by 9%, hp reduced to 80, hitbox (and model) increase by 9%

Hunter - EMP cooldown to 13 seconds, emp exp reduced to 110, normal spot lifetime to 4.5 seconds and exp increase to 50 exp, hitbox increased by 5% (dont let this cause the arrow to collide with more stuff it shouldnt devs >:c)

Although certain changes are small, drastic changes could completely throw stuff off instead of improving things

BR16 -
Damage - 15
RPM - 554
RPM within burst increased by 8%

Stark AR -
Damage - 16
RPM - 516

K21 -
Damage - 16
RPM - 507
Reload - 3 seconds
Clip - 60
Spread reduced by 10%

Spread reduced by 10%

(geefunkster) #2

Bushwacker - Remove.

Phantom - Remove, kill, shred and incinerate.

Arty - a little OP on ev maps, maybe + cooldown. The sound alone of Arty spam is annoying.

Javelin -A suicide via own rocket results in waiting 2 spawn cycles to spawn. Reduce gen damage to 90 so she’s not a default pick just for opening doors.

Proxy - Damage on mine reduced 50% if triggered within 0.5 seconds of mine being tossed.

Nader - needs slight nerf, whether reduce direct hit dps or aoe or whatever

Guardian - make sky shield stop Kira’s laser

For other mercs, I don’t have a strong and/or informed opinion on changes needed.

Besides that, SMGs could use a little buff.

(HadronZodiac) #3



+15% designation time would be nice

not really necessary

I like the counter, maybe laser does reduced damage tho

(Meerkats) #4

I’mma be honest, one of the things that has kept me playing all this time is the hope SD would get their shit together and finally push The Balance Pass that would usher in an Enlightened New Age where all the old guard flocked back and Dirty Bomb became the game it should’ve been.

It’s going to be… tougher? Now that that hope is dead? I mean, let’s be serious, I still hate pretty much all other FPS… so…

Anyway, one last balance pass would mean the universe. Don’t try to figure it out yourselves SD. Ask the best.

Personally, to start:

Shotguns: -1 damage / pellet.

Machine pistols: Undo last nerf.

Burst rifles: Restore to when they were good again, then increase burst RoF by 10%, then drop damage to 12 ( BR-16 ) / 13 ( Stark ), but give them max -1 damage from drop off. Makes them drastically less effective at short range, but potentially still very good at long. Consider it the last experiment. Even if it fails, it will fail in a way that makes BRs still garbo.

FEL-IX, MoA, PDP: +400% flinch received over +150% duration while in ADS. Undo rechambering weirdness.

Nitros, Ice cold augments: Nerf to +10%.

Phantom: Restore audio while cloaked, then increase volume by 10%. +10% opacity.

Sawbones: Increase immediate health gain on direct, improve self-healing ( undo last health pack nerf ).

Fragger: 140 HP, frags can mostly stay as is, drop CD to 18 or 19 s.

Thunder: 150 HP, conc effect duration reduction.

Sporks: Undo last small health pack change.

Proxy: Increase mine CD by 15 - 20% to be inline with other explosive nerfs.

Nader: Nade direct damage to 85, don’t care how you split impact vs. explosive.

Turtle: Shield HP -50%.

(fzl) #5

lol you dont read the message from sd?

DB IS DEAD! its over guys…no more updates, no changes,no events in the future…nothing…

and when the player base goes smaller and smaller …the server goes offline…and thats it…

see ya in the next shooter…bb fuzzel

(Teflon Love) #6

Denial is part of the grieving process.

(Floris) #7

Actually they promised one last bug fix update in their post. But yeah, it probably will be a minor thing and afterwards DB’s development will really be dead in the water.

(Xenithos) #8

This made me laugh, and now I’m sad.

(HadronZodiac) #9

Yes please

Eh im fine with the clip changes, but yeah rpm and damage should be reverted

Id like 10% volume and reduced visibility, making u need to actually pay attention to counter him.

That would be noice

If frag grenade is slightly buffed it would be fine with the 20 seconds

Imo hes fine now, maybe a slight conc nerf and drop cooldown to 18

80 is good, slight reduction in blast radius, and 7 second cooldown

20% is fine

(Xenithos) #10

You guys realize that nerfs/buffs should be small and one at a time, right?
Honestly, I’d want very little of the changes put forward by either of you.

(HadronZodiac) #11

Thats why i did small amounts like

(Your worst knifemare.) #12

Yes to shotgun, MP’s and Sparps changes.

(Meerkats) #13

If it happens, it’ll be the very last balance pass. Might as well swing for the bleachers. Plus, to be fair, a lot of mine are undos.

(Xenithos) #14

That’s not a small amount. You literally reduced the damage and increased the heat and increased it’s average accuracy. You changed the whole gun as a whole. You also missed the words from my post that said:
“And one at a time

(HadronZodiac) #15

subtracts one damage

fixes rpm and spread to keep dps pretty close

apparently completely changing how the gun functions