Red eye improvement

(SiwaonaDaphnewen) #1


If i’m not mistaken Red eye is one of most underused mercs. I do believe the main reason is lack of utility of his smoke. His problem is that it blocks the vision not of enemy team, but your team too. No other merc will make real use of his smoke neither charge with Dreiss-RE in close fight nor snipe with PDP-RE in long range ect.

I suggest to improve his spotting ability to let your team see enemy through smoke.

You know mercs get blue&red(dark blue&yellow for spectrators) glowing? I suggest to add similiar glowing that could be seen through smoke. Basicly if you see directly the target with IR googles or SNITCH your team will see basic profile of enemy. This will let your team know what targets can be shot and what targets are hidden behind cover - that’s much more usefull data than simple icon above enemy head.

This would let RE to work better with team. Specificly Red eye and Aimee would benefit from working together. Let you counter enemy Red eye with your own Red eye or Aimee. Simply killing RE in this case would be better priority because it would leave enemy same blind in smoke.

Another intersting thing is Hunter’s ability. It seems that he can disable Phantom’s armour. It would be interesting if Hunter’s EMP also disabled RE’s googles making Hunter to shoot emp in smoke to make RE blind.

(Tehumanairstrik) #2

He’s actually in a very good spot right now. The Grandeur is what needs a buff. Preferably making it 35 dmg in stead of the 32 we have right now.

(gseijn) #3

They should bring it back to 40 like it should be.

(x3onn) #4

The smoke and goggles combo has always been one of the strongest ability combination in the game. Redeye has never been a popular merc amongst the masses and public play in general. In competitive play he has been god-tier since he was introduced.

I’d imagine couple reasons why he hasn’t been picked up by the masses are his weapons; the 3 options he has are not easy guns to use, but in good hands they are great (or used to be great, PDP is still sick). Other reason is that his abilities are not easy to make use of, unlike most other abilities in the game.

I wouldn’t change him at the moment. If anything, I’d nerf him, either by making his eyes glow through the smoke (like it was in alpha or closed beta) or by reducing the duration of the smoke. 12sec smoke is too much.

Also, would be nice to see the Grandeur iron sights reworked at some point.

(LifeupOmega) #5

Use and actual power aren’t correlated. He’s ridiculously good, but people can’t use him. He doesn’t need a buff. This mindset is why we have garbage like Rhino or Phantom in the game currently.

(hawkeyeguy99) #6

After reading this topic I decided to go give him another go (I used to play him a lot but stopped). He’s REALLY good. He’s and incredibly strong and aggressive sniper that can actually be a tremendous team players when you know how to smoke properly. No other merc in the game can “re-shape” the map for your team to move safely-ish across an opening while at the same time creating a see through wall for himself. He doesn’t really need buffing or nerfing I think he’s perfectly good in his current position. I just think it’s because you can’t one-shot people with his weapons and he has such a high skill floor that no one plays him.