Recruiting for team m00! (English speaking international team)

(foolishKeeper) #1

We are an average team looking to find our way into the competitive scene and we are looking for members to join the farm. We use discord as a form of communication for when we either want to mess around or play serious competitive games. Will respond to replies. Join m00 today!

(festiveCrayon) #2
Getting back into Dirtybomb recently. I mostly play Vass, Phantom, and Phoenix.

(ostentatiousBean) #3
Started playing kinda recently(Level 7), but i’ve played comp games such as CS:GO.
I main support heros like Aura.

(Crs_InfEdge) #4

in game name Crs_Infedge

(TheUrbanFox) #5

Started to play recently, enjoying it. just got level 7. looking to play ranked and a clan to join. o7

(Renegadeops8) #6

Main medic but can play any role. Ign for steam is renegadeops88. Have competitive experience in other games

(Sri17) #7

i would like to be in the team , have been looking for a group to join, i am a team player can i join as well?.. my discord id: Sri1718#1794 and my steam id: Sri1718

(SrCola) #8

T̷ ̷a̷ ̷d̷ ̷a̷ - Steam Name/Discord Name
Can play anything, usually a kill-merc but healing/ammo spec isn’t anything new. Ng if needed.

(Prince_Amiz) #9

Hey can I join ?

(ejhall44268) #10

I am kind of new but pretty good i tend to use Ng or medic i am young but not a squeaker with a shit mic. I have great map knowledge for only 300 hours of gameplay and I hope I can hear back.

(Hyriko) #11

Yo, is love to join up if your still recruiting. I’m pretty good as a medic. Hit me up!

(-Maple-) #12

I’d be down, Level 14:
Sawbonez (SM72, can play CR73 if you want the Mechanic augment)
Fragger (M62)/Nader (SM41/CR81)
Third role can be what you need: Aura, Bushwhacker, Kira, Vassili
Steam link: