Recommended settings?

(Pranav Shinde) #1

I am playing after a long time and I changed my laptop.
Can you guys suggest recommended sensitivity, FOV or any other things.
I am a lvl 92 and can’t even get 5 kills recently so I play Aura out of frustration(bruh). I am using Acer Predator Helios(1920 x 1080) and my mouse has 1000/1600 dpi .

(enigmaplatypus) #2

i would recommend 90 fov. but that is just what is right for me, i can’t say what would be right for you. As far as mouse sensitivity try lowering it. I found my sensitivity by gradually lowering the sensitivity till i got what feels right for me and my play style/aim style. i would recommend finding a sensitivity that allows you to move freely while also not moving too freely. you want to be able to maneuver while also able to aim. I would recommend lowering the sensitivity until you can spin around/jump around 180 degrees and land more or less where you wanted to. If your sensitivity is too high you will overshoot 180 and if it is too low you will undershoot. But that is just how i found my sensitivity. Which is mostly based on play style, personal feel, mouse movement style, and mouse movement space. All of which will impact your sensitivity.

(Pranav Shinde) #3

Thanks I’ll try what you said.