Recommend obscure Youtubers.

(TheStrangerous) #1

No seriously, that type of channel should be booming in popularity, yet it remains obscure… The guy has hilarious fake accent, he covers gaming news and such. I do not get Mass Effect references though, but still makes me laugh regardless.

(Mr.Cuddlesworth) #2

(GatoCommodore) #3

LowRes Wünderbred

(bgyoshi) #4

What counts as obscure? What’s common to some might not be to others I guess?

Ethan and Hila (H3H3) always kill me:
So does iDubbz, though he’s kind of a dick:

I think Papa Franku and Jenna Marbles can’t count as obscure anymore

This guy might be obscure, Joerg Sprave

He’s the literalfuckingembodiment of an old Pathfinder character of mine. He loves making homemade weapons (mostly slingshots), but the way he acts is too entertaining to miss sometimes.

(Runeforce) #5

I surfed into this guy the other day: ‘Shaun’. I’ll highly recommend, especially among the segment of the community who are fans of the frog, to watch this video to the end and check out his other videos.

(GatoCommodore) #6

Gun Jesus

(TheFluffyOne) #7

Not exactly sure how obscure is meant here, but there is this lovely channel that teaches zoology(?) in a very creative and entertaining way.

(Mc1412013) #8

Illwill press---- funny squirl/pumkin guy
Liza koshy— just funny
You suck at cooking---- funny cooking channel
Das boschit----machinima/garys mod vids
Blend tech–destroys stuff with blenders

(Rokon2) #9

TheBatesee, his content is slowly improving in quality and his chill, relaxed voice is nice to listen to.

Chubbyemu, very interesting medical channel that talks about issues that happened with real people, what happened and how they were treated.

Ahoy, I’m not sure if he’s obscure, but his videos are extremely informative, highly recommend.

Ami Yamato, A Japanese CG YouTuber (don’t worry, she speaks English) that posts small vlogs with the occasional movie edit with her in. For example:

(Runeforce) #10

This is a channel, not a personality, and not that obscure, but occasionally worth a watch: