Really new Phantom Innovation idea!

(tomas.chavez) #1

Guys, I had some idea to improve Phantom (in a really innovative way)

1-His 4th slot (the cloak) should have 2 modes. Primary (normal) and secondary clic (superstealth, as before of the last rework, if you are still, you are actually invisible, and generally less visible)
2-In his secondary stealthmode, he can’t use guns or melee, just has to stay with his cloak. Though he can hand attack (like breaking necks or something like that…)
3-If he switches to a gun or melee on his superstealthmode, it will return to normal stealth and make a sound/or use “semi-declaoking” animation
4-Superstealth mode last a little bit less

This allows for assasination (though the hand attack will give players a time to react before being totally killed) but doesn’t make it totally unpredictable, plus giving phantom a real stealth without OP-ing him.

Also, there should be a radius marker showing the percentages of visibility you have to the players inside those radius, just so we can be aware of how visible we are


Sounds kinda overcomplicated.

Besides, Phantom’s guns are the best part. Sneaking around someone slowly and then decloaking with a string of headshots and whatnot. We already have the katana, giving him another melee mode is eh, especially if it’s a one-shot. DB isn’t a melee game

Also, the only people you’d be able to catch with that karate are new players. Phantom’s old cloak you’re basing this off of is very easy to spot when moving, and it’s unlikely you’d be able to get close enough to an experienced player. So basically you’d just be pissing off new players with one-shots, which is exactly the reason phantom was reworked in the first place, to make him less frustrating against new players.

(tomas.chavez) #3

I’m not talking about phantom old cloack. I’m talking about the one which lasted like 2 weeks (between the old and the new one: The really invisible one).

Also, if that’s an issue, just make it more visible given the opponent’s experience/level.

Not that much
1-Stealth mode
2-Super ninja/stealth mode (no guns here). It’d be kinda a meleeish/more prone to sneak behind enemy lines phantom

(HadronZodiac) #4

Honestly he just needs some simple changes imo to not be a complete meme

A - Slightly nerf the katana (lets be serious, its the biggest crutch for him, and its petty)

B - Make his cloak more of a “redeye” type cooldown, when he uncloaks the built up “heat ig” goes on cooldown and starts counting down. There will be of course a prevention from using the ability for 3 seconds to stop emp spam

C - Make him 100% visible when hes 15m or more

D - Make his (less than 15m distance) cloak 98% invisible, and +15% louder

(K1X455) #5

i don’t like the idea