Ranked - spawn point + collision suggestion

(AssortedStuff) #1

SD; since team collision is active in Ranked mode, and because players spawn in waves (everyone at once) perhaps you could consider spreading the mercs spawn points.
it could help mitigate the bumping into team mates or having to slow down when you spawn behind (having a faster merc).
…spawning the faster mercs in the front spots could also help.

(Bestfinlandball) #2

I was thinking that maybe during spawn protection you could run through teammates

(Nail) #3

team collision requires “push” to be enabled

(shibbyuk) #4

Would help me resist the usual strong urge to swing the kinfe

(Nail) #5

it only makes sense, we had it in W:ET because it was absolutely required
not sure why it doesn’t already exist, quite surprised actually

(BomBaKlaK) #6

Need push ET style ! Nade push is a must !

(ASD) #7

Also for airstrikemarkers

(Glottis-3D) #8