Ranked Season 4 case suggestion

(Dnemisis) #1

I think that you should be able to choose the merc you get your ranked cards for. If you are like me you just want to get a ranked card for your favorite merc so you can have a unique card that not many other people may have. Its a real kick in the balls when you grind out to get enough points to buy a ranked case and then you get a card for a merc you dont even own (Thanks). I know there will be people saying “If they do this then people will just play ranked enough to buy a case then stop playing”. To be fair you do have a point but in saying that you arent guaranteed the card you want for the merc so you might have to play more to try again.

(loli_s) #2

why not make the case more expensive then? like 1500 or double the cost of a regular case.

(aminuseternal) #3

I like to play ranked because db plays much better that way i feel, but yeah its really stupid when you put in 200 hours to really get good at someone, but then get a card for domeone that you would never use in ranked.

(Da_Mummy) #4

Like getting Rhino and Vassilli in those cases will get me to play ranked more.
Definitely want the choice with these.