Ranked Season 3 still with lag issues?

(DBAimee) #1

I’m a returning player who has tried season 1 ranked and there weren’t many people playing so I stopped and returned just a few days ago. I heared about ranked season 3 and I was pretty excited for it till I just tried it 20 minutes ago and found out that I had 200 ping even on a SG server.

I’m from SG and my ping in normal games are always around 40-60 ping which I tried later on, to confirm that it wasn’t my internet issue. Will this get better soon since its the first day of Ranked Season 3, or is this a recurring problem for other Asia/Australia players as well?

(Mustang) #2

For anyone not up to scratch on country codes SG=Singapore.

(DBAimee) #3

Thank you Mustang for expanding on what SG means, I apologize for not doing that earlier.

I’ve gone into DirtyBomb and the servers are pretty wonky after Ranked Season 3 went online in the Asia server (for me). I’ll attach the image where it shows the different rooms in the server browser for a number of Asia rooms which clearly indicate the huge ping difference between Asia servers. This has made Ranked Games impossible for me and I hope the devs would have a look into this situation.

As you can see in the image provided, its either 40ping or 170 - 200 ping rooms and sadly, I’ll be placed into a 170ping+ room everytime I got into a Ranked game despite it being a Singapore server, where I come from.

(DBAimee) #4

On 16 June 2017.

There were a number of players who were talking about the same ping issues that I’m bringing up here. This is causing a portion of players from Asia problems with not just ranked but normal games as well. I couldn’t expect a quick and easy fix of course but is there anyone from the DirtyBomb team that’s checking up on this issue?

We might be the smaller percentage of players in the entire game’s database but I sincerely hope that something is being worked on to ameliorate this cripping condition for Asia players.

I look forward to any reassurance that the administration or development team are trying to resolve this matter.

Here’s another screenshot at 12:30am on 17/6/17

The sitatution remains the same throughout the day. Also, to reiterate, Ranked games are always 170ping+ and never on the low ping servers.

(Chris Mullins) #5

Thanks for the report. We have seen other players reporting similar issues. Will pass on this thread to the server guys to investigate further.

(john_howard) #6

As an Australian I’m seeing the same thing - for me it’s either 160 or 230 and 90% of the time it’s the latter.

Strangely, most of the guys pinging 160+ are on my team, whilst the other team has 4 guys who are sitting on less than 100.

(-lucifer-) #7

I also having ping issues and i live in east Canada ,even in east usa servers im getting 200+ ping ., Problem started since last update

(Nail) #8

you should check your ISP, I ping 29 - 49 from Manitoba