Ranked season 3 ends soon

(DarkangelUK) #1

Time is running out, with Ranked Season 3 ending on the 12th of September at the following times:

[li]London (BST, UTC +1): 12:00 PM Tuesday, September 12[/li][li]Los Angeles (PDT, UTC-7): 04:00 AM Tuesday, September 12[/li][li]Beijing (CST, UTC+8): 19:00 PM Tuesday, September 12[/li][li]Sydney (AEST, UTC+10): 21:00 PM Tuesday, September 12[/li][/ul]

Within 24 hours of the end of Ranked Season 3, you’ll receive a Trinket and extra Ranked Points for the highest Rank you attained.

Please note that that the maximum cap of 6000 Ranked Points will still apply, so make sure you spend enough Ranked Points to guarantee your full payout before the season ends.

The Ranked Season 3 Store will remain open until the start of the next season, to give you a chance to purchase Ranked 3 items with your extra Ranked Points.