Ranked Season 2 - My Thoughts

(kriktikal) #1

Ranked Season 2 is up and running and there are lots of players looking to get the Elite badge. What’s the big deal? Maybe I am new to this game or maybe I am not that skillful like other players out there. As of writing this, I have just clocked over 100hrs and played 15 ranked games in season 2. I am sure there are so many of you guys out there who have clocked longer than me and played more than 15 games this season. Some are even in the Cobalt category.

So what is the purpose of writing this post? Because I am very frustrated with players who think they are such a “pro”! Imagine, out of 15 games, my team were short of 1 guy in some of the games and my team had to surrender once. Basically because some “pro” thinks that they are not being paired with good players. I get it, we all want to win but hey, winning is not everything. Experience is! Don’t call people noob or tell the team that they suck or tell the whole world that “you wish you had friends whom you can play as a team”. Seriously, are you that good in the first place? Its a ranked match, we got into a team and just play it. Enjoy the game and have fun. Its a “there and then” moment where you need to adapt to changes and communicate with your team to win. Definitely people will know if that person is a pro or a “pro”. Game mechanics are designed as such. Don’t like it and wanna go solo, then keep dying but stop complaining because of your ignorance. If really you need to get a win, join a clan and play with the clan in ranked matches or get your friends and form a team. Pure common sense.

I don’t mean to direct this to anyone but seriously, this has got to stop somehow. It’s a game for all to enjoy, regardless you are a pro, “pro” or not. Stop jeopardizing other players match by feeding your ego. We all want a good match, seriously, no one doesn’t.

(Dr_Plantboss) #2


Here’s my take on punishing quitters:
Make it so that when you leave a ranked match, you have to press a button that says “Yes I want to leave” to leave the game. You then cannot play a Ranked Match for 60 minutes, and cannot play a Casual Match for 15 minutes. If you get kicked, same penalty.
If you get disconnected because of bad internet, game crashing, or something else, you would have an opportunity to re-join the ongoing match and avoid a penalty altogether. In addition to this I think that if you leave without choice you should still be penalized, but only if you do not rejoin. As long as you are in the game when the match ends, you don’t get penalized.
So other than being banned from playing, what other penalties should there be?
IMO, the penalties should go up every time you desert. Here’s a chart telling you what I think should happen for every time you desert, with the # of deserts.

  1. You should get penalized 5,000 credits and 30 Ranked Points
  2. Penalized 10,000 credits 100 Ranked points
  3. 20,000, 200
  4. Banned for 24 hours and fined 20,000 credits 200 Ranked Points
  5. 50,000, 400
  6. Lose 1 rank, lose 500 RP
  7. Lose 1 rank, lose 50,000, 500

Beyond this, it should repeat. If you are fined so that you have no credits or pass 10 abandons, you should be PERMANENTLY BANNED FROM RANKED SEASON 2.

What if you CAN’T rejoin? Then you’re going to have to deal with the penalty. To compensate for this, I think that the penalties should refresh every 7 days.

(PorkyPerson) #3

Interesting take on the penalties. It seems like about 25% of ranked I’ve played someone dropped. I’m not sure credits are the thing to go for, I’d go for ranked currency.

I would increase the rank lost for every drop. For example, first drop would double the normal rank loss. Next one would give 300% of normal rank loss. To mitigate the power outages and internet drops and things, I would use the number of drops in the last 7 days. Not only would the drop not get any ranked currency, but they would be docked 10. Additionally, I would flag someone as AFK after 30 seconds of no input and a vote would count as a drop.

On the other hand, I understand why some people drop. Sometimes it’s like banging your head against a wall. The team just doesn’t have the aim or teamwork necessary and is relying on getting lucky. They won’t surrender, though. “Never surrender! I’ll go down with this ship and take 15 minutes of your time with me before I’ll surrender!” I’d make it so every objective unlocks more time. You’d get an appropriate amount of time to complete the first objective, but if we can’t finish the first objective in 10 minutes, are we really going to finish the map?

(MikeGreene1990) #4

What if someone is botting… those penalties do not work…