Ranked only giving half the xp earned.

(Fusioncam) #1

I noticed after playing ranked for a while that I wasn’t leveling up as fast as I thought I was. So I took a screenshot of how much xp I needed to my next level and played another round of ranked. I found that ranked matches are only giving you half of your earned exp despite showing you the correct number of xp earned at the bottom left at the end of each match.

Anybody else having this issue?

I have attached before and after screenshots as visual evidence of the bug.

(hurgya) #2

I have the same issue.
I didn’t check, if it’s exactly the half of the original amount, but I suspect, that this bug influences the amount of rank given and lost at the end of every match; I usually play as medic, so I am on top of the scoreboard almost every match, and I seem to gain and lose the same amount of ranking bar, despite we were told, it depends on your performance.
This is a mere speculation, maybe the algorithm hates me, or I am just simply not good enough to gain ranks.

(wolfETplayer) #3

Same issue. Please fix it already