[Ranked] Not enough time to discuss roles

(frostyvampire) #1

There’s only 1 minute of lobby time after everyone has joined and your squad gets locked in automatically after the timer reaches 0:25 seconds, meaning you only have 35 seconds to choose your squad.
In pubs this is ok but in ranked you should have more time to discuss it with your team. Not once and not twice I had a game with only 1 medic or only 1 engineer, and let’s not talk about the amount of times we had to play on Chapel without any fire support mercs (since then I always have Arty in EV maps even though I suck with him).
I think that we should have at LEAST 2 minutes (and by that I mean 2 full mins, not 1:35 because your squad gets locked at 0:25) to discuss all that stuff together as a team, choose who will take which roles and get our squads prepared for the game.

(blonk) #2

Totally agree with you there, though there’s a case to be made for having your squad decided prior to dropping into the lobby, lord knows you’ll be queuing long enough, but that’s only if you’re dropping in as a party. I would be happy with at least double the time we’ve currently got or as you suggest a full 2 minutes.

(frostyvampire) #3

You can’t know what will be the map, if it’s Bridge or Chapel you need to have some Artys’ and Skyhammers but if it’s Terminal, these 2 mercs will be a waste of slot and completely useless. Also most people do solo/duo and not a full team

(bontsa) #4

@FrostyVampire Arty/Skyhammer are far from useless even on non-EV maps, but that’s besides the point.

Wholeheartedly agree on giving more time to discuss classes. 2 minutes could be just fine, after all with such that bloody lock-in button would even serve a purpose :'D