Ranked matchmaking from balance to unbalance

(Sytry) #1

Ranked matchmaking is already difficult to play with a mixex up team, communication problem (non english players), inexperience in mercs and now the devs decide that increase the playerpool from noobs to supernoobs. lvl 7 to play ranked is dropped to lvl 6 and they said is “balanced”. Ranked win change is dropped from 30% to 10% and the devs said is “balanced”. The warmup is useless because everone start to kill each other in they spawn.

(Chris Mullins) #2

The minimum level for Ranked is still level 7. We’re making a selection of improvements to Ranked for Season 3 and we’ll be sharing those with you a little closer to the time which should help to improve things.

(mr.fies) #3

As often mentioned, the balancing is a pain in the a…
And the formula is easy: bad balance -> no recommendation

And there is no fun playing with people, who dont know what to do… (in ranked)
And its also not fun for new players to be killed without a chance, so they leave again.

But to be fair, I like the game, and makes alot fun with balanced teams (seldom).