Ranked match results not tracked

(DB Genome editor) #1

Under Profile > Ranked, my Wins / Draws / Losses stats have not changed since the start of the “Fire in the skies” event even though I’ve played several ranked games. My rank status (% to next level) has been updating normally, reflecting the wins and losses, it’s only the counters that are frozen.

(alphabeta) #2

Same for mine. I miraculously won 7 matches in a row yesterday and none of them were recorded in wins/losses. But my Rank Bar did go from the bottom almost to the the next rank.

(DB Genome editor) #3

It seems to have “unfrozen” over the last few days: my recent matches were added to the tally, but those that were ignored in the interim seem to have vanished for good.

(Nail) #4

this was noted in the latest video, they be gone