Ranked/Execution/Obj/SW [Thought Dump]

(Mx.Rage) #1

Hello! This is my first post so bare with me. I have some things I want to say that I think some of the community may agree with.

So after 1000+ hours of execution (yeah… I pretty much know all the regulars in US-West/East exe. We’re the five percenter’s Splash damage mentioned) I have to say that I’m rather… bored. I didn’t come here to bash on DB that’s not the point, so allow me to continue.

Here’s what I learned and experienced from my hours in execution:

I met most of my friends through Execution mode.

While this new wave of players refers to Execution mode as “cs:go” it’s really not, there’s bomb planting yes but the dynamic and system of DB is so much different.

The pros that I experienced with execution mode was that… when you got into a game… there was a level of closeness and teamwork that objective and stopwatch doesn’t compare to. It could be the small teams, it could be that we all knew each other, it could be that when you got pissed everyone knew it was in the heat of the moment, and generally wasn’t for extended periods of time. People being dicks in execution mode was practically a death sentence, the entire team would come together to kick your ass if you went on a griefing spree.

While there are plenty of exceptions to this… another thing I really liked about execution was the play style of it. Every round (with a good team or with friends) was edge-of-your-seat suspense. The bombs about to blow up, the entire enemy team has been wiped out, you’re alone with your tiny wrench trying to defuse the bomb praying to the satellite gods that your tool is fast enough to defuse it then as you think it’s all over… “C4 defused we won the round”. There was so much satisfaction in getting that defuse or getting the last kill when it’s 1 vs 4.

Past that there was even more fun in execution mode. Because the teams were so small and almost all the regular players knew each other… it was SUPER easy to convince an entire server to go “melee only”. It was a fucking blast. Teamwork in execution mode felt so much more connected and dynamic because every round was important, and most the time… each team had strong players so you never knew what the turn out was going to be. When it was two high levels fighting against each other… and you got that final kill… you felt a level of satisfaction that you can’t get in objective or stopwatch. It was a battle of skill and wit, even a bit of psychology(predicting where the enemy team was going to go).

In objective/stopwatch (casual) I don’t feel that same level of connection… there’s something about it that just doesn’t feel as homely. Everyone goes to the same place, everyone does the same thing, and it’s practically 1 straight line objective to objective (with the recent exception of dockyard, I love that map). The teams also don’t help… there’s so many players in this game mode that you hardly ever know anyone; also… the balance is usually pretty awful. You get a bunch of high levels that play like they just joined the game yesterday, a bunch of low levels that play like they have 1000+ hours and the community is often really salty or just kind of dicks. In my 200+ hours in objective/stopwatch I’ve never had the same amount of fun that I did in Exe (excluding ranked of course) because if the teams aren’t balanced you end up sitting there for 20-40 minutes watching your team get the ever living shit beat out of them while you’re top scoring as a medic because you’re the only one on your team trying to work the objectives and keep people alive. To be honest… the teams aren’t balanced MOST of the time. Maybe it will be better because of this update but I don’t have very high hopes for casual games.

Now onto the Ranked gamemode…

Pretty much the only time you can find a ranked match is if you have friends on and they’re willing to play, or it’s the weekend. I understand not everyone has time to play a 40 minute game during the weekday but that’s sort of why I liked execution so much (ah damn… sorry, I just like execution alot); you could play execution because it was relatively short, action packed 20 minute games, and you could do as many of those as you wanted until evening because there was generally a handful of people on in any region unless it was early early morning. With ranked now it’s pretty much just weekend or clan play. Which is the main issue for me. For people like me that have free time during the day… objective/stopwatch aren’t fun. Usually because you’re the only one on your team who knows what they’re doing and you’ll never see any of those players ever again (and usually don’t want to).

Ranked also has an insane queue time during the week and I know that’s not splash damages fault. They can’t control how many players are in their game (though I’m sure they’d love to bring more people in).

Point being… I’d like it if Splash Damage introduced another gamemode where the teams are relatively small, the games are relatively short, and the objectives are a lot of fun to play. That way while me and everyone who feels like me (probably a small percentage, so counter productive to my argument) can have somewhere to just have fun while we wait for Ranked queue’s to fill up a bit more.

The main reason I like ranked is because… generally speaking… teams know what they’re supposed to be doing, you usually have friends or high levels playing with you and everyone has their own designated role they fill. People know what they’re good at, there’s lots of communicatio- AHA! There’s not alot of communication in casual matches, back on-topic: there’s lots of communication, and the match generally ends up being a pretty fair and fun fight. Friends can be made, rivalry’s can be born, and everyone’s happy.

Just an ending note here… Splash damage… I’ve probably donated close to $100 to you guys these past two months or so, because I love the new skins and loadouts. But… how could you get rid of execution before you brought in Javeline!? My hearts breaking, it would’ve been a great place to get familiar with her before jumping into objective/stopwatch. More-so than that… a lot of fun for Exe~!

Anyways… I’m trying to put together a discord for people in US-West who would like to join a party with me and hopefully become friends and fill the ranked queue with. If you’re having problems finding a party stop by the discord I’ve setup: https://discord.gg/6TW9gsm

Additionally if you want to support the discord and get it noticed so finding a party is faster and easier, check out the post I made: https://www.reddit.com/r/Dirtybomb/comments/6wm9qh/us_west_rankedmatchmaking_got_you_down_check_the/

(Mx.Rage) #2

Scratch the reddit link at the end I had to delete it because it was kinda clickbaity and got a bunch of downvotes. Discord is still up, stop by and drop ur steam. We can link up and hit up ranked matches!

(bgyoshi) #3

Sorry bruh, Execution isn’t Dirty Bomb so you probably just don’t like DB as a game :frowning:

There are lots of other TDM games to go to.

I’m sure if you joined a clan or an existing DB group, assuming the one you started doesn’t fill up, you’ll find that same level of social satisfaction.