Ranked and Hackers

(montheponies) #1

OK, so just came off a game with a clear hacker. He’s been reported all day on DBN;

Clearly boosting his short circle of friends, sitting with 14hrs on DB and battering his way through ranked.

Anytime this comes up it’s always the same answer, EAC takes time to work (in some cases weeks…). This guy is blatant, so blatant that a simple admin call and server log check would enable you to ban him within a few minutes.

How about adding in realtime server admin checks?

Also would like to see all points (gained or lost) to be reversed on ranked games that involved a player who was subsequently banned. Should prevent the motive of boosting if nothing else…

Finally would be nice to have players how partied up repeatedly with a banned player to suffer a ban as well…if not from the game then from playing ranked for a season.

(Szakalot) #2


Finally would be nice to have players how partied up repeatedly with a banned player to suffer a ban as well…if not from the game then from playing ranked for a season.[/QUOTE]

this: imo anything above 2 party-ups should constitute a season ban. nobody could possibly claim that they ‘didnt know’

(x3onn) #3

Yeah lately there have been individuals blatantly aimbotting even close to a week with that single account. IMO, EAC is doing really good job especially compared to NGS, but it would be nice to get rid off these individuals at least within 3-4 days. If the only way to confirm someone is blatantly aimbotting is to send video material as evidence, maybe this could be mentioned somewhere? And also where to send the evidence.

(ostmustis) #4

they get banned but after pubbing for 4 hours they are back in ranked… and messing up stuff for a few days again y.y

(x3onn) #5

Such is life of free to play games :<

(ostmustis) #6

We just need to find an acceptable solution. Imo the biggest problem is that it takes almost no time to make a new account and be ready for ranked. Even if they get banned, they can make a new account and be back at it the same day.

I guess we could “work” around it by temporarily suspend ppl from ranked (while pending investigation) for accounts that recieve sufficent report and if your account is of the lower levels. See, I even found a use for levels :octopus:.

I dont know if that would “interfere” with how the anticheat works but the only other option I can see right now is to raise the level requirement or that you need to unlocked x mercs (or whatever ppl usually have earned at said level) and giving people the choice if they want to pay for faster access.

(Raviolay) #7

Doesn’t steam block community features unless you spend $10 on the storefront? Couldn’t SD track if the account has the Steam community features unlocked. And if not block ranked play? Also I don’t play ranked (for this reason mostly, if I play at all) but could SD not also make ranked play have …

A) A higher level requirement to start with.
B) Introduce a individual merc level, with the requirement you need a minimum of three mercs at a certain level to play ranked.
C) You have to spend in game currency to queue in ranked (this should deter quitters more also)
D) Your mercs in ranked must have a bronze card or greater, and meet the individual level requirement for use in ranked.

Time sink + money spent should deter cheaters methinks.

PS if the account has been VAC banned perma ban the account from DB servers. Same if caught once in game.

(Chris Mullins) #8

It’s a good point you raise. Will have a chat to the guys and see if we can make the system smarter in that sense. Our detection and ban speed has recently increased dramatically so hopefully this kind of this should be reduced anyway.

(Sairdontis) #9

So just keep reporting and forwarding vids to you guys then?

(UnaSalusVictus) #10

the idea of limiting it to accounts that have hit a level that shows they have content they paid for, not just f2p ****, has been brought up before, by myself, was shot down because it would keep people out who prob wherent going to spend money anyway(how many people who have no purchased games on steam really spend money on db? would love to see those numbers…bet its near zero…then they could just buy one of the db packs on steam and bam, unlocked!!!

this is what several other f2p titles ended up doing because, it was the easiest way to limit hackers and smurfs…without negative impact on their sales funny enough…

to me this is alot better then alot of other options…dosnt punish current legit players, makes using hacks more of a pain since they cant spent 5min or less making a new account to get back in game and rage their level to ranked again.

another option i would suggest rather then banning would be a seperate smaller more limited set of servers (not as many) where detected hackers are directed rather then the main/legit servers, let them hang out with their own kind…first game i saw do this was an mmo, but, have seen at least one fps do it in the past…was amusing…specially when a guy in our clan most of us had reported as an aimbot/hack couldnt join games with us just got weird errors…we could join him but everybody was hacking…so nobody was having fun :stuck_out_tongue: