Random beginner tips.

(Eox) #1

I tried to make an extensive list of small tips and tricks for new players. Here’s the result.


  • Being two to defuse, plant or repair is only useful if the second person covers the other.
    • Basically, only one person can defuse/repair at the same time. Cover him.
  • Try to finish targets. It’s easy points and it prevent revives.
    • Especially if your target can self revive or if there’s a Sparks in the enemy team.
  • If you have trouble to kill someone, you should probably destroy the healing station first.
  • Weird sounds usually means imminent danger. Red lasers definitely do.
  • Always pay attention to the merc composition of your team, and fill jobs that aren’t already taken if you can.
  • Aim the head for maximum damage.
  • Spamming jumps will mostly make you waste bullets.
  • Never teabag Nader, unless you have balls of steel.
  • Lonewolfing, most of the time, isn’t a good idea.
    • That doesn’t mean that you should always be glued to your teammates. That’s usually asking to get a pineapple in your face.
  • Respect your teammates.
  • Nobody likes crybabies.
  • If Fragger stops shooting, prepare yourself for a pineapple.
  • Drop the melee. Use your guns more than anything else. DB is mostly about gunplay.
  • Shooting legs deals less damage.
  • The smaller timer near the round timer tells you when the next spawning wave comes.
    • Try to not get killed when that timer is high.
  • It takes a long time to help up people just to get them back up with low hp. Make sure it’s worth it.
    • Best candidates for help ups are usually medics themselves, especially if there is no other medics to revive him.
  • You are shielded from damage for a small time when you respawn.
  • Shooting will remove all kind of damage shielding from respawns.
  • It’s can be better to reposition yourself when you get revived than directly try to shoot or interact with the objective.
  • Abuse corners.
  • If you struggle with your current merc, you should probably switch.
    • If you used to be the only medic, engineer or fire support of your team, try to tell them before switching.
  • There is not difference between Bronze loadouts and Silver/Gold/cobalt loadouts. It’s just fluff.


  • You’ll have a hard time to shoot back at people if you run with your mines in your hands.
  • Because you plant, repair and defuse faster than anyone else, you have the priority on objectives.
  • Playing the objective is a team effort.
  • A turret is nicely positionned if you score assists with it.
    • A turret that kills is a spotted turret.
  • Stickies are usually better when nobody is actively firing at you.
  • Stickies are usually poor traps, but excellent throwing rocks.
    • That doesn’t mean your trap won’t work…
  • Guns are usually better at duelling than your sticky bombs.
  • Turtle shield is better laid down before enemy shoots at you as the generator is vulnerable if you put it down under fire.
  • Because you have a shield doesn’t mean that you must camp it.
  • If you need to move forward, you may want to reclaim your deployables.
  • Mines are double edged and can get your teammates killed if enemies shoot at them.
    • Don’t put your mines where your teammates are.


  • You have a gun. Use it.
  • If your teammates have a red cross or a heart above them, they need you.
  • Don’t forget that defibs serves to revive people.
  • If there’s no allies around you, you are probably doing something wrong.
  • The REVIVR (Revive Gun) has an explicit name. Revive people with it, not with your hands.
  • Stations works much better behind cover, near the frontline.
    • If you need to move forward, you can reclaim the station.
  • If you have trouble to directly pack your allies, toss it in their line of sight.
  • If you run out of healing, it’s probably time to ask for a second medic.
  • Phoenix’s healing pulse can be charged for more efficiency. But don’t charge it too much.
  • Self reviving with Phoenix will mostly work if there’s no way for your enemies to reach your body.
    • If you’re about to get downed somewhere as Phoenix, try to end up behind cover and/or around your teammates.


  • Your heartbeat sensor detects through walls, so don’t toss it in the open.
    • Best positions are where enemies can’t reach at all or without taking a massive load of damage from yourself or allies.
  • A heartbeat sensor is small and can go through all kind of gaps and interstices.
  • Taking your time is fine. Being hesitant isn’t.
  • Finish targets on the ground with bolt actions snipers (MOA, FELIX) : it’s useful, it gives easy points, and will only require you one bullet.
  • Recons aren’t strong in numbers. One is usually enough.
  • IR Googles aren’t good to see artilleries and dangerous deployables. Try to not remain too long with IR googles active.
    • Bomb Squad and Guardian Angel can help a lot though.
  • Only the heartbeat sensor can detect through walls.
  • Smoking is all about covering your teammates, not about preventing them from shooting stuff. Use it smartly.
  • Smoking enemies directly is usually a poor use of a smoke grenade.
  • It’s usually better to locate yourself behind the smoke cloud than inside it.
  • Use your IR googles more than your smoke grenade.
  • Phantom’s best hiding spot is around your allies, pushing together.
    • Phantom’s refractive armor will disable surrounding deployables. Which is perfect to help your team pushing forward.
  • Phantom’s best weapon is his gun. Not his katana.
  • There is nothing more obvious than a Phantom running at you alone with Refractive Armor active.
    • If you truly want to be invisible with Phantom, don’t move at all.


  • Throw ammo on a regular basis, or always have your ammo station setup nearby.
    • There’s nothing more infuriating than being useless due to lack of ammunition.
  • It’s usually your job to destroy the EV. Use your offensive ability on it.
    • However, if you play Javelin, it’s usually better to keep the rocket for smaller, secondary objectives or players.
  • You can usually take out generators faster than the C4. It’s especially true with Javelin and Stoker.
  • Your abilities are mostly about taking enemies out of annoying positions.
  • Tossing an airstrike marker indoors can be surprisingly effective.
  • Don’t hesitate about shooting from a bit far away. The range of assault rifles much better than you think.
  • Meatshield your engineer if needed.
  • Your abilities are one of the best ways to get rid of Turtle’s shield. Especially the Molotov.


  • You have two main jobs : killing stuff and covering people who needs it.
  • Frag grenades are always better if they explode as soon as they reach the enemies. Always cook them, and try to not make it obvious.
  • Rhino is better at defending stuff, and likes Aura a lot.
    • That doesn’t mean that Rhino should never leave the station if needed.
  • If you have to breach through a chokepoint, Assaults are your friends.
  • Concussion grenades are more effective as a teamplay tool. Make sure that your team follows.
  • Concussion grenades won’t be as effective if everyone is sitting on a health station.
  • Being at the frontline does not mean being suicidal.
  • Always meatshield your engineer.
  • If you play Nader, get your dirty hands off the Martyrdom button. This will avoid you to piss your medics off.

Hopefully this will help most of you.

(Lawrichai) #2

Thank you very much for this, it is quite useful ^^

(Ptiloui) #3

@Eox said:
Phantom’s best weapon is his gun. Not his katana.

This. Can’t count how many Phantoms i see trying to melee kill and stupidly ended up dead (Including me :P)

@Eox said:
Always meatshield your engineer.

I even do this for every other mercs that are downed when i know a medic is nearby, or when a Phoenix is downed (to let him get self revive).

(ItsOro) #4

You forgot 1 last thing…don’t try to only kill, be sure to play the objective and try to support your team mates with your merc’s capability cuz now all I see are phantoms running around and only killing but not contributing to finish the objective which gets annoying.