Railzone (Engineer Concept)

(HadronZodiac) #1

Name - Railzone
Bio - Some math teacher who worked on automated systems in his spare time, and after testing his railgun drones, something happened and he got fired cuz the school found out.
Quote - “Only thing better than massive damage from far away is massive damage from far away squared, well i guess cubed is better. Damn it…”
Cost - 50k
Health - 120

Primary Ability - Railgun Droid

Type - Deployable
HP - 75
Cooldown - 26
Max Range - 29m
RPM - 57
Damage - 41
Lock on time - 1.25 seconds
Max Turret Count - 2
Max Projectile Capacity - 10

Can only be placed on walls and roofs

Secondary Ability - Resupply Ammo

Type - Dependant (aka can only be used on primary ability)
Cooldown - Generates 2 projectiles every 4 seconds
Projectile Capacity - 28

Supplies 2 projectiles to a turret every .9 seconds to a turret

3rd Ability - Overclocked Sensors

Cooldown - 30 seconds
Capacity - 1
Delay before ability effects droids - .9 seconds (it also makes the droids glow a distinct color)
Effect Lifetime (on droids) - 3.5 seconds
Effect - Droid’s rpm decreases to 45, but damage increases to 76 /// Lock on Time decreases to .9 seconds


42 damage is an absolutely massive amount for something that basically has an aimbot, especially with two of them, each with 90 health and such a low cooldown. Even with a relatively slow lockon time and rate of fire, we’re still talking something that would be significantly more powerful than Bushwhacker. Giving them an ammo capacity wouldn’t really matter much, since for a turret with such a slow lockon time, the most practical use would be to plop them both down right next to you, ideally behind a turtle shield.

Upgrading your turrets would also be a difficult thing to predict as an enemy, especially if you didn’t have to be near the turrets do activate it, which obviously isn’t great. Considering how obvious things like javelin’s rocket are, you’d have to have clear indication when your enemy’s turret suddenly doubles in damage

Ultimately though, nerfing him into line with the other mercs would turn him into more of a bush remix, so I’d suggest adding something to set him apart more than just high damage and ammo. Maybe a ceiling mounted turret, or that turret slide ability bush was shown with in the scrubs trailer? Although then again, you have to be careful with things like turrets, they tend to slow down the game a lot, which might not be ideal when we already have so many bush turrets lying around from bush becoming free

(Your worst knifemare.) #3

Bush is already our turret guy (and sometimes Rhino)

(HadronZodiac) #4

I forgot to specify, they can only be placed on walls and roofs, my bad

Also, ill add a slight delay before the overclock ability activates and enemies have a clear awareness of it

(Meetrock) #5

We already have bushwhacker.

(Jigstraw) #6

sounds like a direct upgrade and/or replacement for bushwhacker, and this would be the first engineer with more than 110hp, hope he doesn’t have powerful primary weapons too.

(HadronZodiac) #7

oof he was actually going to be a recon, but working spotting into him would be hard

Anyways he is less consistant compared to bush, with a much slower dps but better at taking down individual mercs, and a bit easier to hide

ill add his weapons in a bit


Giving two turrets to someone who is supposed to do objectives probably isn’t a good idea. Bush’s turret already covers himself pretty well when he plants, so if anything I think assault would be a better class just to avoid that memetry.

Also another thought to keep in mind these turrets aren’t people, they’re basically cannons with aimbots. With a small squishy merc, your size is also your asset, you can dodge sniperfire while still shooting back just as well as a larger merc can just tank it out while shooting back without dodging as much. It’s one of the tradeoffs you make when choosing a smaller merc, low HP but harder to hit, vs high HP but easier to hit.
Considering it’s a turret, dodging gunfire isn’t possible, which makes the turret far more powerful against mercs with a small frame, unless you implement some sort of missing mechanic, but at that point why even bother with a turret.
That plus the fact that you’re dealing with a turret that can take you out in 2 or 3 hits, I’d definitely like to see some minor buffs to squishy mercs before adding in more abilities that are biased against them. It’s already hard to justify picking them over other mercs in a competitive scene after all

(kopyright) #9

That’s a really fun quote, though. Not sure about his abilities but you should definitely keep his persona.

(HadronZodiac) #10

I see your point, idk maybe i will change it to assault, and change some things to make it work better

yeah i am pretty happy with the character itself, maybe if railgun droids just dont work out at all ill give it to some other merc concept