Raffle! #4

(Kirays) #1

I’m holding a raffle for the mercenary Guardian.

To enter you just have to post in this thread. After a few days I will close this thread and determine the winner through the site linked below.


I will send the winner the code through a private message.

Note that:

You are allowed only one post, multiple will not be taken into account.
The redeem code only unlocks the merc, no other goodies are supplied.

Good luck!

(47 Fame) #2


(canzpl) #3


(Otton99) #4

Sign me up

(Dominik540124) #5

i want it

(Popey) #6

Me wants please :kappac4te_fw:


Edit: Nevermind, misunderstood these raffles again. Thought it was for loadouts. Ignore my post, already have her unlocked.

(JShug07) #8

Gimme Ammo!!!

(ASD) #9


(Z Gako) #10

She T H I C C
(I already have her though, sad that I can’t get 2 thicc ladies :kappac4te_fw:)

(Mc1412013) #11

Free mercs for a free game yay. Didnt think codes would still work

(Your worst knifemare.) #12

I’m disappointed none of you own her already :guardian:

(Patty60205) #13

I want her~

(Bhavay) #14

Hope i win!

(Chris) #15


(Freewinn) #16

Give me a cobalt vassili with moa or felix and revolver

(ThePigVomit) #17

Sign me up!

(Kirays) #18

(Kirays) #19

Congratulations @ASD you win! :heartian: