Radiant Tutorial

(Marac) #1

Hello everyone, i’d like to ask you all for a little favour. If anyone has or knows where can i get tutorial for radiant i’d be most greatfull. I’m learning to work in it from the scratch and i’m having some problems with few things of course.

First i tried to do simple two room map connected with a hallway in between them, but when i create that hallway i get this warning while compiling the map

— FaceBSP —
6 faces
12 leafs
0.0 seconds faceBsp
----- MakeTreePortals -----
----- FilterBrushesIntoTree -----
18 total brushes
47 cluster references
— FloodEntities —
Leak on entity # 1
Entity classname was: light
Entity name was: light_1
Entity origin is: 0.000000 0.000000 256.000000

11 flooded leafs
entity reached from outside – no filling

WARNING: ******* leaked *******

— LeakFile —
2 point linefile
0 total shadow triangles
0 total shadow verts

0 seconds for dmap

------------- Warnings ---------------
during running dmap…
WARNING: ******* leaked *******
1 warnings

So if anyone knows anything about it pls tell me. Thank you all in advance! Cheers :drink:

(kamikazee) #2

Got this without using the search function of the forum, just searched in the list of Doom 3 level design topics:
map is leaked???

My most important advise: try to find answers yourself and you’ll learn the most.

So welcome, and keep the spirit! :wink:

/* Kamikazee */

(Marac) #3

Last reply there was in the year 2004 if i’m not mistaken, search button didn’t work and i’m not going to search all day if there might be any topics like that. anyway, thank you for your help.

it says there that it’s the leak if there is an opening into the void. i don’t have an opening and plus when i delete the hallway i created, map compiles without a problem with a huge leak into the void. any ideas?

(EB) #4

2 point linefile leaks are normally caused by an origin number in an entity that is in the “void”.

Does your map envelope the point @ 0,0,256 ? (XYZ)
Here is the information in the error log that is vital:

Leak on entity # 1
Entity classname was: light
Entity name was: light_1
Entity origin is: 0.000000 0.000000 256.000000 (....XYZ)

…this light entity’s origin is 256 units above the editors 0,0,0 origin.
It is the cause of the leak.

Delete it or move it or change the origin value.

On the odd chance that the light has been moved “far”(making it difficult to find), do a text editor search for that entity “light_1” or check each light…there sre several ways to find the culprit.

-good luck

(BaronBlabla) #5

If this is the case, you can simply make a giant box around your level, but if it’s really leaked…you will have to pointfile it and fix it

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Thanks a lot for your post. It sounds very good.:slight_smile:

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This is quite an interesting topic. I want to know your ideas about it. Thank you so much.

(M.Amos) #14

Tired because of some problems with my map and having such a hard time finding resources to even the simplest of questions. So I decided to make a tutorial somewhat on the step by step how-to’s of importing an ASE model into NetRadiant from 3dsMax. Something which has very little documentation since most people here use Blender. This tutorial assumes you already know the basics of modeling and texturing.Real time chicago Real Estate listings!

  1. Create your model.

Make sure it’s optimized. Weld all redundant vertices, make sure there are no inverted normals, apply smooth groups, and DON’T for the sake of goobers make a model with a gajillion polies. Remember this is for a game not a movie.

In this tutorial I made a cannon/jumppad model that will also be used in a map I am currently making.

  1. Unwrap and texture your model.

I deliberately used a model which uses several materials in it. Note that you do not need to assign a Multi/SubObject Material on the model. Just apply individual materials to whatever faces you want to your heart’s content.

Make sure all your materials are named correctly. Even if the ASE export specifies bump maps, specularity maps etc. NetRadiant ignores those and focuses solely on the diffuse texture. The engine will automatically read secondary textures by itself based on similarity of the filename and the suffix appended. A good thing about this is that you can edit the textures used later on, and even add more, like bump maps or self-illumination maps in case you forgot to add it inside 3dsmax itself.