Quo Vadis, Splash Damage?

(pHine4s) #1

Let’s face it:
In the end it’s all about money.
With it’s Opus magnum - ETQW - done and never reaching this level of perfection again, Dirty Bomb is, as it seems, considering the enforced focus on game-irrelevant features (from the view of a core team-based shooter, not CS-cloned) instead of core-gaming enhancements (new maps, etc. - you name it …) just a rent-payer at best.
Gears of war is the potential Cash-Cow and an asset worth a deal

What do we have to expect?
See here (german news):

Of course, devs will say: that will not matter at all, DB will become Gold once, with dozens of Maps, all announced Mercs released and the worst bugfixes done …

All of this is - of course - just my humble opinion, no offense.
But to be honest: i lost my believe in a gold-status, or even in more than one or two more maps coming up.
At least not within an acceptable time after so many hours of playtime already.

Happy Trinket- and highly sophisticated “trade-your-trash-loadouts”-mechanism-development. There are some thinking this is the best part of the game (aka: the whales) …

My regards to what SD has accomplished in the past but the future doesen’t look so exiting regarding a tactical team-based OMP Shooter.

Am i totally wrong?
Community and Devs, you tell me.
Give me some hope.

(Nail) #2

welcome to beta testing

(pHine4s) #3

What has this to do with with what i wrote about?
It’s not a rant ‘bout “beta testing features”.
And even if so, don’t you think after all these hours, months and now years there should be a little more than being covered with “trinkets”?
It’s about how much of the promises made years before have become real and that now, with an upcoming potential sale (see PDF) of SD there might never be more focus on finishing a FTP-Game with a very low amount of people playin’ it.

(Nail) #4

all things change, I’ve been involved since day 1, nobobdy “promised me” anything, if Paul wants to retire, fine, ain’t gonna change F all for me or anyone else

(rookie1) #5

My thinking is that may be SD doesn’t saw a Bright futur for the moment with their games …so better sell and make big bucks …then maybe later come back under a new franchise

(pHine4s) #6

OK, you’re right, no “promises” where made, not literally.
Words like “brings back the core of team-based FPS”, undemented mentioning of “old-school, ET-like revival” and so on made it seeming so - in my head. Obviously in many others Heads, too, as i can tell from chats i had. Since i can’t recover all of the phrases being made since 2012 (!), you have me there.
And you’re right with saying “nothing changes” - as it is now, with all the community input made, the many cries fo more maps, core-features, etc.
You seem to be offended and your answer sounds like “Another dumbass ranting 'bout the fact that no progress is in sight, why don’t they just shut up” (although there seems to be plenty of time designing and implementing trinket and loadout mechanics).
Dear Nail, i don’t want to offend you or SD by just complaing and not thinking.
Since RTCW i’d be the first going for any Team FPS made by SD by buying it. I would have payed for ET, i bought ETQW and Brink and payed a fair amount of money for DB.
And here the unspoken promise takes part: That a Beta will become a Gold once, that a game will be finished and that will there be more than 5 maps, all of this in an fair amount of time. And if i might and may speak for others: the patience and goodwill for this period of time is melting away in proportional relation to updates that bring nothing new to those being here in the first place - like you.
So: if you dont care or just pretend to not seeing this, why do you even care answering my thread?
Question yourself:
Regarding the development of DB, is it getting more exiting or more frustrating?
Look at the amount of threads made here - decreasing in quantity and quality.
Look at the avarage players each month, except some update peaks decreasing …
I don’t want DB to vanish - i want to start with it finally!
As you say “all things change” and as Exedore said “all things come to an end” there seems to be a time where the beta status should at least give a glimpse to what the final game will be. As of now: A lot of bling-bling you can equip to your weapon, mumbling “welcome to beta testing” …

(ASD) #7


becomes a bad taste of chicken :stuck_out_tongue:

and yes! I’m also one of the ET fans… I never played a game what much like ET… later some ETQW wich I think got destroyed with the patch they deployed!
all my hope is on DB! … i’m realy hoping they continue and hopefully find theyr way back to the FPS game and stop all this EYE CANDY **** with thousends loadouts and **** you can attach to you gun…

we dont want to attach x-mas-trees to our gun we want to shot with them till they are red glowing!

(pHine4s) #8

Das ist der wahre Geist, ASD !

(eitsch0r) #9

oh, with all that spam going on i did not realize there was talk here already. i postet in SD-Main Forum.

[QUOTE=Nail;555786]welcome to beta testing […]

all things change, I’ve been involved since day 1, nobobdy “promised me” anything, if Paul wants to retire, fine, ain’t gonna change F all for me or anyone else[/QUOTE]

Being not a young one anymore myself i can understand a money-wise motivated decicion to can this thing very much. I mean, when in your life do you have the chance to get THAT amount of money for any of your “babies”. Bollocks, i propably would not think twice to go down that route as it is all but just a “shell” around the motivation to do something in this gaming business.

Also, after having been not been delivered satisfaction with the way Brink developed and ET:QW went on … it makes understanding this way of thinking even better.

Nevertheless i would much rather have it that they use some of that money to buy back the IP for Wolf:ET and buy their way back to original ID Tech development. Or whatever tech … setup a new company, invest into IP, (re)build upon a great franchise, stay true to original concepts. Let us bunnyhop again, not this doublejump madness :smiley: Jumping off of walls is surreal in any setting. Oh. Got carried away. Damn, you, vodka. In the end Portugal will win in penalty kicks. With just ONE bloody match won in the whole tournament in regular time. (edit: against bloody W(h)ALES!!!)

(PinkFrog) #10

So, do you think it’s coincidence that they release the chicken content and get bought by a chicken distributer company pretty much at the same time?


I’m fairly sure the ‘totally awesome chicken’ restaurant has existed on the map since it came out nearly a year ago.

(BomBaKlaK) #12

Pokemon cards !

(eitsch0r) #13

actually it is a hilarious meta. either way. :smiley:

(eitsch0r) #14

wait. no dev stream tonite? how dare they!

(FireWorks) #15

Yea, damn shoe. and his visit with ESL in germany.

(eitsch0r) #16

abolishable beaviour shakes.fist no respect at all mumble … naughty, naughty, naughty