Quickjoin ping limits


How come quickjoin keeps placing me, a US west player, into Asian servers?

I mean, most of the people who use quickjoin are new players. Getting placed in a server with 200 ping isn’t exactly a great first impression of the game

(Szakalot) #2

yup, its ridiculous and should be fixed ASAP. There is no circumstance when I’d want to play with 100+ ping.

Either ping limits or server regions. Normally i don’t spam shoe, but this should be a hotfix before the weekend, lol


(Jigstraw) #3

Same, I’m a US East player and have been put in russia, sweden, germany, brazil, london, and china.

(Aerodrome) #4

How come quickjoin keeps placing me, a US west player
maybe u need customize ur favorite browser
dont know about 100% solution but its work sometimes for me
i dont wanna russian servers (i live in russia)
i dont wanna kill my bro and is the best choice to kill EU players bcoz they have too many democratic freedom rights :o

here a lot very good stockholm servers (Sweden) even better for me then Germany

after i wrote this i click quick join … and come to US server


@Aerodrome said:
maybe u need customize ur favorite browser

I know it’s easy to get around, I use server browser most of the time anyways, but that’s not really an excuse for quickjoin being like this lol

Like I said, most new players would rather quickjoin into a match than dig through the server browser. Getting placed into a server half way across the world isn’t a good first impression, lol

(imLegal) #6

Your question’s already been answered… on Reddit (go figure).

To elaborate on what Moobs said, there’s a bug with the current Quick Join implementation which means full region detection isn’t actually working, so it’s falling back to the ‘backup system’ which usually does the job but in some cases can provide the player with a server on another region.

This is because the backup system only fetches a random list of 30 servers (in the background) before pinging them, getting their info and finding the best one. Since the list is random, there’s a slim chance that all the servers returned to you are in other regions.

The region detection system will return a list of 30 servers only within nearby regions (averaging 80ms or less) and then choose the best one to connect to. Not only will this result in better pings, but it will also mean the ‘best server’ will usually be one closer to your skill level/have better player counts/etc. as well. We’re aiming to rolling out this fix next week.

and apparently, the super-duper region detection system was implemented but not enabled due to poor planning so we have to wait till next week.

It was implemented, just not enabled so we can test and make sure everything is working properly. Unfortunately we can’t test everything in our dev environments.

(Sorotia) #7

So far every quick join game I’ve done have put me in other parts of the world.


@Sorotia said:
So far every quick join game I’ve done have put me in other parts of the world.

I’ve had a few local matches with it, but I’ll just stick to the server browser until they fix it. My wifi is already bad, so I’d prefer not to be placed in asia again lol

(Chris Mullins) #9

The ping stuff isn’t working yet I’m afraid. We’ll be doing an update tomorrow to make it so!

(kopyright) #10

Must have been lucky so far then.

(Chris Mullins) #11

This has now been fixed!